Jan. 11th, 2011

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Dang it, I seem to have lost my camera cord again or I would post progress pics of Japanese garden. I've finished the four inner gardens (with the exception of some jessica stitches and beading) and another border. So now I just have the last four outer gardens and the crane medallions left to do. Yay for progress! Boo for poor organizational skills.

Speaking of needlework, my catalog from the Nordic Needle came in the mail today. Sweet. I prefer to buy from my LNS, but occasionally I will make an online order, just so I can stay on their mailing list. If you've any interest in needlework, I would recommend signing up for their catalog since they cover every conceivable kind of embroidery, not just cross stitch.

Other news: Since I have a new crock pot, I made 40 clove garlic chicken from this recipe. It came out pretty good, although tbh, I think the gravy was the best part of the dish. Hunting around for other crock pot recipes (because it's cold and I need some warming comfort foods.) Any recipes or links would be much appreciated.

(Though I really shouldn't complain about the cold, since I don't have to deal with Snowmageddon or anything. Maybe just a little though. Winter suuuucks. January is the 3 am of the year.)

Was going to post more, but my thoughts are scattered now.


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