Sep. 6th, 2011

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Snowball likes to pick out her kibble, move it to her blanket, and eat it from there. All while hanging halfway out of her hammock. Mochi appears just as confused by this as I. (What's she doing? I don't know either. Chicks, man.) He is not a fussy eater at all. He just wants food, immediately and lots of it. When I took them to the vet to get their rabies shots, poor Snowball squawked and flailed in a very You'll never take me alive! kind of way. (She also peed on Mochi, who was unfortunately underfoot at the time.) When it was Mochi's turn, the vet simply put some nutrical on the table and Mochi was so intent on his tasty new treat, that he never even realized that he got poked.

So these little guys are what I have been up to lately for the most part. They are so adorable and by adorable I mean, mischievous trouble makers. If I had a nickel for everytime I said "poop" in the past two months, I'd have a million dollars buried under a huge mountain of poop. Mochi is slightly cuddlier than Snowball, who is more on the aggressive side. She used to taunt and wrestle poor Mochi to the point of indignant squeaking, until a recent growth spurt (due to the constant kibble eating), and he is bigger than her now and more willing to play back.

Work has started to slow down, so I'm not having massive amounts of overtime. Just a little bit here and there. I feel like it's left me in a weird headspace though. I feel disinterested and disconnected from everything. I lost my stitching mojo for awhile. I've always said that cross stitch is a bit of a mindless hobby, which is a good thing. You can do it to relax and not really think about anything, but work made me too tired to even count. I'm slowly trying to work my way back, small projects that are finishable. I have a little Victoria Sampler project, Birds of a Feather, that I'm working on right now.

Looking forward to this weekend too as I have an impromptu trip to California. Just a little one, to spend a couple days with my sister in San Diego and then to head up to LA to see The National/Neko Case/Sharon Van Etten in concert on Sunday. Did not manage planning on this very well, as I waffled constantly over not going, and didn't manage to get the days off squared away until today actually. (And that was on a whim more or less. "I will just put the offer of a trade out there and see if I get any bites." Was fairly surprised that I did so close to the days in question.) It's a lot of effort to get out of bed, much less to the West Coast, I just had a major repair to my car, etc. But, well, it's been a depressing year, and since the National is my favorite band and Neko Case is my favorite female singer and there is a good chance that they will sing something together, and if they do, my brain will explode and I just may vomit rainbows. So I guess that will be worth it. Thank goodness for credit cards is all.

Will try to post more regularly. I feel sad for neglecting LJ. Maybe fall will reinvigorate my brain or something. If anything, there will be hopefully more stitchy posts and more pictures of the fuzzies being silly.


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