Sep. 22nd, 2011

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In my continued efforts to eat my way across the state, I recently went to Kaiser's Bistro in midtown OKC. Kaiser's was originally an ice cream parlour dating back to 1910. I believe it's been operating in one form or another since then. I had never been there before, but I heard that they had recently reopened again and their menu sounded awesome, so I decided I had to try it.

pictures of old buildings automatically call for Hipstamatic

Midtown has been renovated a lot, it looks much improved from how I remembered it. I'm glad that they're putting the old, historic buildings to good use.

The soda fountain inside looked pretty cool. Mom noticed that the decor matched the historic photos hanging above the bar.

Food is serious business, so no more funny app business.

I wanted the Midtown Mashup so I could have both a soup and sandwich. I chose the Grateful Bean soup (white beans, ham hock, pork belly and cornbread croutons. Girl, you know I can't turn down pork belly. Or really, any pork product in general.) It was delish, possibly the best ham and bean soup I've ever had. (I tactfully refrained from saying so however, since Mom's ham and bean soup would be my other point of reference.) I also had the pastrami sandwich on rye, which was also tasty and made for a pretty looking sandwich. (Seriously, isn't it all pretty and swirly?)

I got a marshmallow cream shake to take out for dessert, which was quite decadently rich. And I guzzled it down before I remembered to stop and take a picture of it. I will say sprinkles were involved. There are so many great desserts there at Kaiser's though, that I'm itching to go back. They even have several spiked milkshakes on the menu. The Bit O'Honey made of Wild Turkey American Honey, Crown Royal and honey sounds especially good. And they have homemade ice cream, homemade Red Velvet ice cream. That certainly bears further investigation. I shall report back with my findings.


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