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Hey, here is the one moderately focused, somewhat discernible concert photo I have ever taken.

This is from this past Tuesday when I went to see my favorite band*, The National, play Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa (right at the end of Fake Empire.) It was a great concert. Even though it was only October that I saw them in Dallas, I was still very excited to see them again, especially as a)I didn't think they would still be touring a year after High Violet came out and b) it looked before like they were skipping Oklahoma.

Here is the setlist (posted mostly for the benefit of my poor memory)
Anyone’s Ghost
Mistaken for Strangers
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Slow Show
Squalor Victoria
Afraid of Everyone
Conversation 16
All the Wine
Apartment Story
Green Gloves
Fake Empire

Driver, Surprise Me
Mr. November
Terrible Love
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

The setlist is nearly identical to the Dallas concert, except for about three songs. But I was especially glad to hear "Driver, Surprise Me" because I really love the National's b-sides and they hardly ever seem to play them.

The House of Blues in Dallas had, I think, clearer sound, but Cain's has history behind it, which adds points in its favor (it was built back in the 20's) and also, it has a spring dance floor. This meant that every time the band played a loud song, the crowd would start jumping up and down and the whole room would literally rock. During "Abel", I nearly got bounced right off my feet. Fun! In fact, I enjoyed everything about this show. The National are great live, I would go see them again anytime they play nearby. I heart them so much.

Also, the next morning I had breakfast at some place called The Wild Fork and had maybe the best bacon I've ever had. (And cheesy grits, yum!) And then I went and looked at needlework at The Silver Needle. Music and embroidery, that's how I roll.

Work is kind of punishing my ass right now in return for having had a couple of good days, but that's another post, another time.

*...that's playing right now. My favorite band of all time is still the Beatles. Though it's very close. But it's not possible that anyone can top the Beatles.
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