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So I'm back from my NYC trip. I had a fantastic time! It was a fantastic experience. Even though we tried to see as much as we could in a few days, it doesn't feel like nearly enough. I think I would need a hundred years to see and explore everything I would like of NYC.

The Met (and the reason for our trip)! It was well worth traveling halfway across the country to see this exhibit.

I stressed for a few more days about when to leave (first thing in the morning! No, wait...) Finally, we decided the afternoon flight was the best bet. We got as far as St. Louis when I discovered that there were way more open seats going into Newark than LaGuardia, so there was an abrupt change in our plans and we all dashed off to make a different connection. It is sort of like being a hobo trying to hop a train. You wait around a lot and when I yell, "GO", we all run towards it and hope that there's enough space to get on.

The gentleman sitting next to Nicole on the plane was appalled that we were planning on spending the day in a museum instead of club hopping. We're nerds. Seriously, we're happier this way.

Then we had to make our hotel, which was in Queens. It was quite late by the time we checked in.

Our room had a really pretty view of the city.

The next day we figured out our route to get the Met and took our first subway ride. Nicole and I made the mistake of taking an elevator down to the subway and realized after the doors closed, that someone had peed in the elevator. EW. Who does that? We took the stairs for the rest of the trip. (We also learned the hard way later on that New York, while long on culture, is short on public toilets. Which did kind of explain the peeing in the subway.)

We got off a bit too early and walked along the outside of Central Park to the Met.

The Museum didn't allow photography in the exhibit, so sadly I've no pictures of it, but what I've ganked from elsewhere online.

I felt a little teary looking at this glass case of McQueen's dresses from his last collection. They had such an otherworldly feel to them.

I loved the whole exhibit to be honest. It is put together so well and not only gives you a feel for McQueen's work and overall themes, but it it makes you feel like you're experiencing his influences as well. One of the rooms was like being in a Gothic Victorian novel (howling winds off the moors and all), another room was decorated like a cabinet of curiosities. Beautiful. I could have spent all day there.

One of my favorite outfits, from
The Girl Who Lived in the Tree

The exhibit was packed, but we were fortunate in arriving early, because when we left there was a line stretching all the way down the hall by the time we left.

More arts!

Giant Buddhist mural.

Tudor portraiture. I think this is of Edward VI. It's really cool to see paintings in person that you've only seen in books so far. Even good color reproductions don't let you see how vivid and bright the paintings still are. There were a few Hans Holbein portraits there that were amazing.

Judith with the Head of Holofernes. I've always liked this painting. Judith looks quite pleased with herself.

When I saw this, I got all excited because I'd Tumblr'd this painting before. Sarah and Nicole had no idea what I was talking about.

A view of one of the galleries. We spent way too much time looking at religious art. One hates to charge past classical paintings without looking at everything, but the Met is so huge that to get to periods that you like, you kind of have to. We got lost way more in the Met than we did on the subway.

What we really wanted to see were the Van Goghs and other 19th century European paintings.

And Alphonse Mucha.

A view into the sculpture courtyard.

Perseus and Medusa (with bonus peen).

Psyche and Eros. This is a mock-up, smaller version of the statue that is currently in the Louvre (that is my favorite sculpture). This one has little pinholes all over it.

A view from the roof of the Met.

Nicole, me and Sarah, up on the roof.

My wrist is starting to give out on me, so another post with more pictures later!
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