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(Weird. I thought I posted this last week, but apparently not? Because it popped up as a saved draft? So here you go anyway? I hate to waste a post.)

Wow, I'm turning into a really lazy blogger. I can't seem to find much energy or interest into posting, even though I am still reading my flist regularly. Part of it may be due to the overtime, work is still crazy with the the overtime, although this weekend we had a nice break from it (it's always slower during the holidays anyway.) On the other hand, I should actually be using this time to clean the house, so suddenly blogging seems a lot more attractive.

I had lunch at Mutt's Amazing Hot Dogs today. It is a (apparently pretty new) gourmet hot dog place on 23rd st in OKC. It kind of reminds me of Hot Doug's in Chicago, with all different kinds of hot dogs and crazy combinations.

Mom had a tofu corndog, we split duck fat fries with truffle oil, and I had the Pond Dog, which is duck sausage with brie and caramelized apples and onions.

It was all pretty tasty, especially the fries. The Pond Dog was pretty huge and I didn't quite manage to eat all of it. The warm, melty brie was my favorite part. The tofu corndog, which I tried a bite of, wasn't bad. It was basically tofu on a stick with the deep fried cornbread around it. It would have been better with some hot sauce. Everything is better with some gochujang. But then again, I also really like tofu.

Some random thoughts:

*I just finished reading A Feast for Crows by G.R.R. Martin. I've pretty much enjoyed reading the series so far, although the amount of violence and misogyny does tend to squick me out. Every time I finished reading a book, I felt like I had to stop and read something different, with less raping going on.

*I kind of want to read something more cheerful right now. I'm in a toss up between Eva Ibbotson, Georgette Heyer or Dennis Lehane. (Okay, so one one of these is not like the other. I am kind of in the mood for a mystery too.)

*Apparently, we are back to 12 hour days now that the holiday weekend is over. I am SO DISAPPOINT.

*I am ready for
a)all this overtime
b)this hot weather
c)tv's summer hiatus to be over.

*I watched the two new episodes of True Blood. I did a lot second hand embarrassment cringing.

Okay, time to rearrange some clutter, I suppose.
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