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So typical that in the four years I had dental insurance, I waited till the last 40 days of it to make a dentist appointment. I kept putting it off and then my work announced that they were going to shut down a month early, closing at the end of March instead of April. So if there's anything wrong with my teef, it better not be anything that can't be fixed in 40 days' time or it's just not going to get done. *wibbles* Dentists scare me. And my appointment is at 10 am tomorrow. >_< I can only hope that I'll be so tired at that time of morning, I'll be past the point of caring.

While I'm not looking forward to not having money or searching for a new job, I'm pretty ready for this job to be over.

One of my friends at work told me that he saw Children of Men this weekend after I'd recommended it to him and then he started complaining about how depressing it was. Dude, I told you that I felt like I got hit by a truck after I saw it. I think it would have been safe to assume that I wasn't talking about a truckload of happiness.

Must get some sleep before tomorrow. Woe.


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