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Yesterday, Nyquil + pot of tea = normal hours as usual (i.e. no sleep till 3 am)

Today, Nyquil - any caffeine whatsoever = falling asleep during the State of the Union address despite willingness to rage.

"Goddamn stupid baboon oh fuck it ZZZZZZ."
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Returned from Sacramento last week and have been too lazy to update since. I had a really nice time. It was good to see my sister again and we had a lot of fun. I am in envy of her pet ferrets, they're so cute and fun to watch. (Plus, they seem to be some of the laziest creatures alive, which would probably be a good quality for being a pet of mine, should I get one.)

Since Jeanette is a minister at a temple in Florin, I went to Buddhist service on the 15th. I was dissapointed that I didn't get to hear her do the sermon because they had a guest speaker for Obon. Anyway, I'm not really familiar with any type of church service(I went to maybe two Baptist services when I was a kid), but it didn't seem terribly dissimilar. There were pews, an organ, people sang hymns (one in English and one in Japanese), etc. The chanting made me sleepy. I fidgeted a lot.

Later that night, the church had Odori dances. There were lots of people wearing yukata (cotton summer kimono) and happi coats. The little kids, in particular, looked really cute all dressed up.

Anyhoo, I will try to update more on my trip once I upload the pictures. Looking back on it, strangely most of my pictures seem to be of food and ferrets. I ate a lot of Asian food. The second day we were there, the church had a food bazaar, so I ate a ton of Japanese food like tempura, teriyaki and chow mein (okay, so that's Chinese. It was still awesome.)

Now that my vacation's over, I still don't quite feel back in synch. It is still disgustingly hot. I hate summer with the passion of a thousand burning suns, all of which one can feel if one steps outside. My new work schedule has just started: 10:45 to 7:15p, with Sundays and Tuesdays off. :P I hate it already. I should go check some jobs websites, but instead I think I'm going to go watch another episode of Dr. Who.
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I should be packing for my trip, setting up auction items, etc. but no, I'm just wasting my time surfing on the intarwebs.

Today I bought a pretty kanzashi from Gaijin Geisha. Squee!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I also won a sleeping doll head off a Yahoo! Japan auction that I plan on customizing. I know I said I was going to chill out on spending, but it turns out that I totally lied.

And to complete my procrastination, I'm going to a midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean with Sarah. w00t! It's the only movie I was really looking forward to this summer (with the exception of Snakes on a Plane, of course.)
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a random picture of jellyfish.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*taken at the Monterey Aquarium in 2004.

I <3 jellyfish, I could watch them all day. Maybe I need to take another trip to the local aquarium near Tulsa. I should take my walkman and listen to Radiohead's Kid A album for optimal sea-creature watching trippiness.
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I wanted to do something fun on 6/6/6, like maybe drive into the woods and sacrifice something (long, ancient anecdote there), but ironically, enough, I will be at work. Talking to customers. I must have been a terrible person in a past life.
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So many people have quit work that the weekdays are pretty busy now. Customers continue to be aggravating. Yesterday, I told a guy to google a hotel if he wanted more information and he asked me to spell google for him. Perhaps I should have spelled instead. Also, some other guy called me an Okie hick after he asked where my call center was. What a douche. Now, I realize he was just trying to be funny. He just failed miserably. (I always groan inwardly when the agents transferring the calls say something like, "Oh, he's a character", "a cool guy" or crap like that because it usually translates to "pain in ass.") Whatever. He was from Minnesota, of all places. Not exactly the most posh accent either, asshole.

I'm almost looking forward to the possible layoff, just to break up the monotony.

In other news . . .
I'm really, really enjoying the online Dracula read along. Reading it from the lj friends' list makes it creepy and seem more real. The discussion in the comments section has been enlightening as well. It's difficult to read the Jonathan Harker entries and not hear Keanu Reeves' voice, though.

Was surprised to see that Placebo has a new album out. Why Amazon spams me about crap I don't listen to and never notifies me about bands whose cds I have bought before, I do not understand. Must chalk it up to suckage. Anyway, I'm enjoying the album so far, although Placebo seems to be continuing their trend of really ugly cover art.

Off to go watch Derailed. . .
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interior dialogue for a typical day at work...

brain: Today sucks. Just get through this day and I will reward you by ordering a new doll. Possibly some jewelry.
wallet: Nooooooo!!
brain: If you can get through this call, you can go home and order a new camera!
credit cards: Don't even think about it!
brain: Fuck this shit! Let's buy a plane ticket to Japan and go on a massive shopping spree.
bank account: *weeps*

I've been online for about half an hour now and I haven't bought anything. Yet.
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Eh, not much to update about really. I have a new schedule at work; I'm back on nights, working the closing shift although I still have the same days off. Today I was a tard and forgot to tape Boston Legal. Goddamnit, what if this was the episode where Alan and Denny Crane finally had hot gay sex?

Last week I saw V For Vendetta. It was really good, I wouldn't mind seeing that again. It was good enough that I almost, almost forgave the Wochowski brothers for the Matrix sequels. It was liberal as all hell, plus shit blew up real good. That's an unbeatable combination.

Actually, the best part of the movie going experience was when I went to pay for the movie and the ticket person gave me the student price without my having to ask for it and I haven't been to school in six years. I guess if you're in a college town and you're wearing a concert t-shirt and carrying a Hello Kitty purse, people will assume you're a student(rather than just really immature.)It doesn't take much to make me happy, just cheap tickets and explosions.

I still have to do my taxes this week. Ugh. I've never done them by myself, so hopefully I can find someplace online where I won't screw it up too much ;_; *hates on the stoopid government*
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Ugh, it is severely gross outside. Coming back from the north side of town, I drove through a fog the consistency of pea soup. Very difficult to see through. Since the fog was made up entirely of red dirt particles, tomato bisque would probably be a more accurate comparison. Either way, it was unpleasant and now my allergies are acting up and my eyes felt gritty until I had to take my contacts out. Also, there's a tornado warning out for some parts of the state. Lovely.


Feb. 10th, 2006 10:06 pm
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Here's a picture of my latest finished cross stitch piece. . .

Image hosting by Photobucket

It's a design by Little House Needleworks called "The Bookshelf". (Sorry about the dimness and camera glare. It was hard to get a good shot of it.) It took about 2 months(? or so) to do. I'm relatively pleased with how it came out. The bottom right corner was supposed to be Wuthering Heights, but I switched it to Jane Eyre and the house became Thornfield Hall instead. I had to take out the trees to make room for the flames, but I let the unconcerned sheep graze where it was. It's probably thinking, "Ah, let the fucker burn. Mmm, grass."

In other news, work continues to kill my soul. If it weren't for the customers, it would otherwise be a great job. With this job, I went from face-to-face customer service to not having to look at them (since it's over the phone.) Now if I could just move to not having to hear their actual voices, I think I'd be okay.

The season (series?) finale of Arrested Development was on tonight. *sigh* I'm going to miss that show. So, so funny. I made my mom watch it and in the course of an hour, she went from, "This is stupid" to "Why the hell are they cancelling this?" See? See? Stupid Fox tv, you ruin all good things. They showed some previews for their new comedy shows and they looked shitty. You couldn't leave a perfectly good schedule alone, could you, Fox? Damn your eyes.
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Since Sarah is too damn lazy to lj, I'm going to quote her on mine,

"The crazy are quick when they're crazy. And when they're not being crazy...real fucking slow."

Pearls of wisdom, dude.

On a related note, one of my coworkers once told me about how she used to work at a home for the violently mentally handicapped and apparently, they really dig Pink Floyd. She couldn't explain why exactly, but she said they quieted down whenever she put on some Floyd

So those are two proven ways to deal with crazy people: wait till they're slow or put on Dark Side of the Moon.
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I really don't like talking to guys with alpha male personalities over the phone.
Besides being pushy, a lot of them have Very Tense, stressed-out voices, as if they're on the imminent edge of a heart attack and it really makes my head hurt. Their voices can literally be painful to listen to. Dudes, chill out. For the sake of society, smoke a joint or something before talking to others. (To be perfectly fair, I dislike alpha bitches just as much, but it's just that today some of my calls were really bringing this point home.)

You can now eat Pirates of the Caribbean cereal. You'll notice that on the box, Captain Jack has his mouth closed so you can't see his awesome, rotted pirate teef.

I'm losing my sugar buzz so I'm going to crash now.


Jan. 13th, 2006 12:11 am
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Why is it that out of all of the days in the week, the two I have off go by the fastest of them all?

little updates:
On Tuesday night, I went to go see Brokeback Mountain with [ profile] mythicalgryphon and Sarah. I'd be looking forward to it for months and it did indeed live up to my expectations. A wonderful movie, yet beautifully understated so that it doesn't beat you over the head with its message. Simply the story of two people who love each other, but can't openly share it because of social convention. (Oldest plotline ever, but it still works!)

Afterwards, we all went to Sarah's house because she had left-over brisket and stuffs from a road trip. Mmm. I will totally have to drive the hour and half down to ????, Oklahoma for that kind of food. (I can't remember the name of the place.) Anyway, it was all very yummy. Thanks for sharing, Sarah =)

Wednesday was spent goofing off and watching Lost. Mr. Ecko's story was sad, Charlie was a prat, and yeah, when they started reciting the 23rd Psalm, I did think it got a little too churchy. Let's cut to Jack already so he can insist that none of this is happening because of OMGFATE.

Today, I got up at a quarter past 8 AM to take my mom to a doctor's checkup. I repeat, 8 in the morning. That nearly killed me. Let's never do that again. I didn't even bother to bring a book for the waiting room because I was so tired that I became temporarily illiterate. That's how tired I was.

Also, my dvd of Kamikaze Girls came in the mail. (Thanks for not ringing the doorbell, UPS person.) This, along with Brokeback, was the other movie from last year that I was really wanting to see. And it rocked hard. I have to admit that I envy Momoko her Lolita wardrobe. And it goes without saying, her mad embroidery skilz too =D

Speaking of Lolita fashion, here is a picture of my new doll from Korea. (I get so excited when I manage to take a picture that is actually in focus that I must share.) I've named her Gish. She's meant to share a body with my vampire doll head (the heads can switch out), but I haven't had the heart to decapitate her just yet.
Image hosted by
A pic of the dress under the cut )

Time for a midnight snack and then I'll check out the BPAL update tonight!
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It was at some point last night, when I was watching adult straight men leg wrestle on the hardwood floor, that I suddenly decided that alchohol was a beautiful thing.

So yes, I had fun time at Sarah's party =)

And Nicole gave me a Hello Kitty waffle-maker for Christmas! Woot! Cutest waffles ever!

Will post again later when my head's feeling a leetle more coherent.
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Christmas was very quiet this year, just me, my sister and my Mom. I got sweaters from Mom, the Aeon Flux dvd set and a Godiva gift certificate from Jeanette. (I've already eaten my way through most of the gift certificate already. Yum.)Since I had Christmas day off from work, we had turkey, stuffing, etc. and then went to see Memoirs of a Geisha. The movie wasn't too bad; there was plenty of gorgeous kimono, bitchy catfighting and Ken Watanabe (who is not too hard on the eyes.)

There was a preview for Marie Antoinette movie before Memoirs, so I finally got to see the whole thing in a non-crappy-streaming format and now I'm looking forward to seeing it even more.(I love that New Order song.) And by the by, Archie McPhee has a Marie Antoinette action figure (complete with ejector head.) I so need to get this and possibly Action!Jane and Action!Oscar (with green carnation)as well.

Image hosted by
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Accomplished almost nothing yesterday, due in part because it was really frigging cold outside. Stayed inside and watched newscasters spazz over the 2 inches of snowfall. City promises to send out a fleet of trucks intent on salting the snow into a fucking oblivion. I repeat, 2 inches.

Left the house today to get brakes fixed. Noticed streets are now liberally doused in salt. Car is now encrusted in both bird crap and salt and desperately in need of a wash. At least my brakes aren't squealing anymore though. Oh! and the mechanic said I was a really good driver due to the otherwise good condition of my car, so y'all can bite me. You know who you are.

Currently listening to the Lennon Legend cd. *sigh* :(

also, just bought a whack of icon space. Or at least, a 2 months' whack. yays.
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I like to collect eyeballs.
Dolly picture time )

Mucking about taking silly pictures certainly helps to relieve stress from an annoying work week. More about that later though, perhaps after I've had some cheap wine. Mmm, Riuniti.

I think I'm getting more cranky and irritable in my old age. I was talking about this with Sarah the other day; the new rule that I measure things by is, "I could do this (whatever activity in particular) or I could take a nap." And generally, nap wins. Nap beats rock, paper, and scissors. Maybe after my nap, I'll make that into an LJ icon.

BPAL scent o' the day: Antique Lace
"Nostalgia encapsulated. A soft, wistful blend of dry flowers, aged linens, and the faint breath of long-faded perfumes."
I'm so glad that this is no longer discontinued; I need to replace my imp with a bottle.


Nov. 29th, 2005 07:51 am
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It has been so windy this week that every morning I wake up, I have the half-awake, groggy notion that I live by the ocean. It's really that loud.
(And okay, morning is a relative term.)

In other news, [ profile] mythicalgryphon and I may be making a road trip up to the awesomely huge used book store in Tulsa this week. I've only been there twice and it wasn't until the second time I was there that I found the non-fiction section even though we spent +3hours there the first time. Too much ground to cover! It is the only bookstore I've seen that has it's own Mexican restaurant. Books and sopapillas! Yay! I'm going to load up on Victoria Holt novels while I'm there.

Also, by popular demand (or because Sarah asked me to), I'm posting a picture of Nicole's half-naked Scottish boy.
Image hosted by
Because if you're going to drink and wear kilts, your wife will take pictures of you, send it to all her friends, and you'll end up on the internets.
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I caught the cold that was going around the office, but today I feel a bit better. Not as many knives in the sore throat. I'm relieved I won't have to go to the doctor. First of all, my work switched insurance companies resulting in complicated paperwork and anyway, I have a total phobia of visiting doctors. Last year due to allergies, I couldn't smell anything for a month and half before I finally gave in and scheduled an appointment. I was convinced that it would eventually clear up on its own at some point. Not being able to smell anything is hell on a BPAL addict.

Speaking of BPAL, I made it somewhat safely through the anniversary update. I think the only new thing I really want to get is Pink Phoenix. That, along with catching up on the Yule, Poe-inspired, and General Catalog scents, leaves me with a mere dozen bottles that I still need to get. Woe.

I'm going to see Harry Potter tonight with [ profile] mythicalgryphon. Yays!
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Came home from work, watched the last half of Commander in Chief. It seems interesting, though not terrible credible so far (an independant? please); I think I'd rather have Geena Davis for Pres than the real one.

The show was interrupted by a news report stating someone had blown themself up at the OU game tonight. And they kept playing. That was the part that really shocked me; that they were freaked out, but not freaked out enough to actually make people leave the stadium. Then when I considered the crazy rabidity of OU fans, I figured I really shouldn't have been that surprised. If, say, a plane crashed onto the field, they would probably just play around it.

I Netflixed the first disc of Firefly, so if it's any good, I might go see the movie sometime. (Although I really want to see Corpse Bride. Anyone else interested?) I only saw a couple of episodes when they first ran. I must say they had a really terrible theme song (worse than Enterprise!)Also, if you have Netflix, make sure to keep your queue up to date. Yesterday, Dracula 2000 came in the mail. Don't know what I was thinking when I put that on there.

BPAL scent of the day: Perversion :D Lab's description, "The perfect scent to wear to your next bondage ball, dungeon adventure or sojourn to your favorite pleasure dome. Smoky rum and black tobacco with a whisper of steamy leather with a splash of crystalline chardonnay, layered over a sensual, sweet, and deceptively magnetic base of tonka"


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