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Hey, my bottle of Black Lace came in the mail after ordering it about a week ago. That's the fastest I've gotten any BPAL ever. Huh

"The embodiment of Victorian funereal elegance. A delicate sugar-spun vanilla cream cotton, stained by tobacco and incense, Indian musk, and drops of cognac."

My first impression? Black Lace smells like Antique Lace, only darker. I R ARTICULATE. (This is why I don't do a lot of in depth reviews, because usually my descriptions are like "Well, this smells red. This one smells green." So on and so forth.) Anyways, where Antique Lace smells sort of old fashioned and innocent, Black Lace is a much more grown up, going out evening kind of scent. Not unlike Black Pearl for that matter either, it has a softness to it. Me likes. And the scent lingers for forever too. Now I kind of wish I had bought more than one bottle. I bet Black Lace is going to skyrocket on the secondhand market, the way Antique Lace did back when it was discontinued.

Oh and I bought an imp of Poisoned Apple off the forum marketplace. Hesperides is one of my all time favorite scents and I was eager to try another apple based perfume. While Hesperides was sort of a nutty green apple scent, Poisoned Apple is juicy red apples.
A perfect, lovely, gleaming red apple whose sweetness masks a swirl of narcotic opium, oleander, and hemlock.
I didn't care for it as much because it rather reminded me of apple-scented candles. But the interesting thing is that there's sort of a chemical hint to it that grew stronger after application. It took me awhile to recognize that it reminded me of the glassy notes in House of Mirrors. Apples and mirrors, get it? Interesting as an olfactory experience, but I don't love it the way I do Hesperides.
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Had to share the pimptastic Elizabethan cover art. I'm not sure what that magenta thing that Elizabeth is wearing. Actually, I'm not sure why it's magenta in the first place.

I first read this back when I was in high school, I think, but I couldn't find my copy anywhere, so I actually ordered a new/old copy from Amazon marketplace. I've been reading a lot of Jean Plaidy lately (Victoria Holt's other nom de plume) and I remembered this one was a lot of fun. It's about Lettice Knollys, cousin to Queen Elizabeth and the woman who eventually married Robert Dudley, Elizabeth's OTP. Lettice is such an unrepentantly whorey bitch. Good times. She's spending most of the book boasting to the reader and herself about being the Queen's rival and getting to schtupp Leicester, only to get pwned everytime she's in Elizabeth's presence. Also, pretty much everyone who crosses Leicester falls down a flight of stairs or dies of dysentary. OR DO THEY? DUN DUN DUN.

Some BPAL decants came in the mail today. I'm trying Beaver Moon '07. Not as good as the '06 version. This one smells like strawberry cream soda and incense (that sort of incense-y smell that was in Underpants.) The fizzy strawberry smell kind of faded over the day though, and now it's just the incense-y smell that remains. Nice, but I think an imp will suffice.
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I have a whole box full of imps, several of which I haven't gotten around to trying. So just now I dug them out and put on one called...

Eat Me.


I didn't put on very much, but it's so strong enough to make my eyes water. It also feels like the cloud of cake funk that I'm now sitting in is quite literally draining me of the energy to live and if I don't crawl to the kitchen and get some dessert right away, there'll soon be nothing left of me but an empty, hungry husk.

I must listen to the Angry Cake Gods and go. Be back later.

ETA: Oh lord, I'm afraid to imagine what Drink Me must smell like.
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I've been mildly productive this week and culled some bottles from my BPAL collection. This is what's going on the block:

Devil's Night, Sleepy Moon, Snow Bunny, Beltane (2005 edition), Swank, and Red Lantern.

I was horribly disappointed that Red Lantern didn't work for me; it had a gorgeous description and I was really wanting an Oriental scent. However, on me it smelled entirely of caramel :P

Anyway, you can check out the auctions here. I'll probably be selling more in a few weeks after my vacation.
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Thanks to [ profile] mythicalgryphon who downloaded the videos for me, I finally got to see Ryan Adams on Austin City Limits. Yay! (Also, opportunity to use shiny, new icon.)It was a good show, although I was distracted by a)Quicktime repeatedly crashing and b)wanting Ryan to brush his hair. (Look at the icon, he cleans up good!) Also, he was wearing plastic frame speccies that looked remarkably like the ones I had when I was ten.

Speaking of Ryan Adams, I bought a dvd off Ebay of him Live in Jamaica. Number of minutes into the program before he appears to be high: 6; number of minutes before he admits he's totally freaking high: 8.

I really want to see him in concert; can't believe I missed him the last (and only) time he played in Oklahoma.

Sarah, Nicole and I have tickets to see Coldplay next month. I really like Coldplay's music (I like mopey, British pop in general), but maybe not as much since their lead singer married Gwyneth Paltrow. Some of her movies are alright, but she kinda sounds like an ass. I don't really want to know if a song is about some asinine celebrity. Still looking forward to the concert though. Live music is awesome.

Oh, and I got notice that my last BPAL order (a whopping 7 bottles) is about to ship out, which means their wait time is down to a mere three weeks. A good time to be placing orders :)
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I got my imp of Bpal's La Fee Verte from the decant circle that [ profile] honeyjubilee was running a few weeks ago. I don't know why it took me so long to sign up for a decant circle. It certainly makes more sense to split the prices together and acquire samples rather than buying full bottles blind, which is how I had been buying the Limited Editions.

I already have an imp of Bpal's Absinthe blend; it's okay, not one my favorite scents, but not bad. I really wanted to try La Fee Verte, almost just for the name's sake (I'm interested in French history, particularly the Fin du Siecle period. And also okay, I admit, because I loved Moulin Rouge!)although the ingredients did sound good too.

Here's the Lab's description:
"A variant on the absinthe theme. Sugared wormwood, hyssop and melissa with calamus, angelica and Dittany of Crete, blended with a Bohemian perfume of vanilla musk, honey absolute and Moroccan spices"

And? It smells good. Really good. Really omg-I-love-this-can't-stop-smelling-my-wrist-we-wants-it-my-precious-I-must-have-it-NOW good. It's much sweeter and feminine than their regular Absinthe, and although it gradually fades to the vanilla musk/honey/melissa scent, it still smells, well, green for lack of a better word. It smells so good, it may even tie with Dorian as my favorite scent evar. The bad part? It's part of a $50 set of oil and statue, limited to 300 pieces. WHY, O Deity-of-your-choice, can't it be General Catalogue? I don't even want the statue; my house is cluttered enough without statuary of demonic beings added to it. I spent an indecent amount of perfume this month already, but the more I think about it, the more I'm sure I really need this. Must acquire and horde the preeeeciousss.

Clearly, decant circles are a horrible idea and a sure path to temptation and the devil.
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. . .and good riddance to the old.

I haven't posted movies in awhile, so i'm just going to make a short list since I otherwise can't be arsed.

Dracula 2000 -shuttup!
Happy Together - pretty, gay. Does Wong Kar-Wai ever have a plot? Love Tony Leung.
The Notebook
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Murder by Numbers
Pride and Prejudice - not as good as the BBC miniseries, but still very pretty
Infernal Affairs - Awesome. Still love Tony Leung. Need the dvd.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Jadis kicks serious ass. Love.
Serenity - Damn you, Joss Whedon, damn you to hell.
cut for spoilers )
Anyway, to continue...
Memoirs of a Geisha - Still managed to be pretty romantic even if the characters are, as my sister put it, "basically high priced ho's." And yes, I know that geisha are artists, not prostitutes and if you read any research about geisha culture, it'll say the same thing, but in the movie? Yeah. Ho's.
Skeleton Key -passably creepy.

That'll probably be it for this year, since I don't have time to watch any movies for the next day or so. I'm still trying to finish reading Oliver Twist so I'll have one last book for this year.

BPAL o'the Day: Gingerbread Poppet (courtesy of a swap with [ profile] angel_sixgun ^_^)
"Warm, cozy gingerbread spiced with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon."
Damn, this smells good. I'm gonna put it on tonight when I go to sleep and dream of rich, buttery gingerbread cake.

That's all for tonight.
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I like to collect eyeballs.
Dolly picture time )

Mucking about taking silly pictures certainly helps to relieve stress from an annoying work week. More about that later though, perhaps after I've had some cheap wine. Mmm, Riuniti.

I think I'm getting more cranky and irritable in my old age. I was talking about this with Sarah the other day; the new rule that I measure things by is, "I could do this (whatever activity in particular) or I could take a nap." And generally, nap wins. Nap beats rock, paper, and scissors. Maybe after my nap, I'll make that into an LJ icon.

BPAL scent o' the day: Antique Lace
"Nostalgia encapsulated. A soft, wistful blend of dry flowers, aged linens, and the faint breath of long-faded perfumes."
I'm so glad that this is no longer discontinued; I need to replace my imp with a bottle.
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I caught the cold that was going around the office, but today I feel a bit better. Not as many knives in the sore throat. I'm relieved I won't have to go to the doctor. First of all, my work switched insurance companies resulting in complicated paperwork and anyway, I have a total phobia of visiting doctors. Last year due to allergies, I couldn't smell anything for a month and half before I finally gave in and scheduled an appointment. I was convinced that it would eventually clear up on its own at some point. Not being able to smell anything is hell on a BPAL addict.

Speaking of BPAL, I made it somewhat safely through the anniversary update. I think the only new thing I really want to get is Pink Phoenix. That, along with catching up on the Yule, Poe-inspired, and General Catalog scents, leaves me with a mere dozen bottles that I still need to get. Woe.

I'm going to see Harry Potter tonight with [ profile] mythicalgryphon. Yays!
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random food meme that I ripped off somewhere )

Oklahoma's under a tornado warning! In freakin' November! Craziness!

Also, I believe BPAL is supposed to be doing an update later tonight. I'm tempted to stay up just to see what they're coming out with for their anniversary/full moon post. I'm sure it'll break my bank account, regardless. Terribly curious, but I need sleep!
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Image hosted by

Damn you, Ebay and your easy accessability to cute Japanese toys! Curses!

BPAL Scent O'the Day: Penny Dreadful
"Also called Gallows Literature. A dime novel rife with melodrama, horror, madness and cruelty; a ten cent analogy of vice and virtue in conflict. Soft perfume evocative of noir heroines over rich red grave loam."

heh. I smell like cheap fiction. (That sounds like it would make an excellent cutting remark.) Also, cinnamon and dirt.

Meanwhile, the internets tear themselves into a frenzy as Antique Lace goes back into the BPAL catalog. *sigh* I knew I should have Ebayed my lone imp for big bucks back when it was discontinued. Might as well start slathering it on now. Still, I'm glad I can now afford to get a bottle someday.

going to pass out now.


Oct. 16th, 2005 02:42 am
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*simultaneous sounds of Caerbannog's brain exploding along with her wallet going up in a sudden whoosh of self-immolation*

Okay, I was crazy the other day and ordered Pumpkin Patch. Justification for this: the pumpkin/pomegranate blend sounded too good to pass up as pomegranate is one of my favorite scents; I could sell off the bottles that I didn't like; I really wanted it.

The Lab did their Full Moon update early just now. I told myself I would cut down on the lunar blends since I don't much care for them. However, in addition to Beaver Moon (lol), they DID add their annual Yuletide Limited Editions. I've only partially read the update before I had to give myself a time-out in fear of OD'ing from a shopper's high. MUST HAVE.

Last year, I bought 4 bottles of Yule LE's and even then, it was a struggle to limit myself to just 4. The Yule LE's smelled so good. And there appear to be even more scents this year. Good lord. My doom is upon me. *gnaws on desk*
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Came home from work, watched the last half of Commander in Chief. It seems interesting, though not terrible credible so far (an independant? please); I think I'd rather have Geena Davis for Pres than the real one.

The show was interrupted by a news report stating someone had blown themself up at the OU game tonight. And they kept playing. That was the part that really shocked me; that they were freaked out, but not freaked out enough to actually make people leave the stadium. Then when I considered the crazy rabidity of OU fans, I figured I really shouldn't have been that surprised. If, say, a plane crashed onto the field, they would probably just play around it.

I Netflixed the first disc of Firefly, so if it's any good, I might go see the movie sometime. (Although I really want to see Corpse Bride. Anyone else interested?) I only saw a couple of episodes when they first ran. I must say they had a really terrible theme song (worse than Enterprise!)Also, if you have Netflix, make sure to keep your queue up to date. Yesterday, Dracula 2000 came in the mail. Don't know what I was thinking when I put that on there.

BPAL scent of the day: Perversion :D Lab's description, "The perfect scent to wear to your next bondage ball, dungeon adventure or sojourn to your favorite pleasure dome. Smoky rum and black tobacco with a whisper of steamy leather with a splash of crystalline chardonnay, layered over a sensual, sweet, and deceptively magnetic base of tonka"
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My BPAL order came today! I ordered 2 more Carnaval Noir scents, Bearded Lady and Midway. Bearded Lady is a delicate floral with jasmine and vanilla. Midway smells exactly like cotton candy and funnel cakes. And um, something else that I can't figure out yet. Like possibly night air, or sweat. (I'm not entirely certain; I'm not very good at picking out individual notes.) I bought Midway because I love fair food and having a scent that smelled of it was intriguing, but I don't know if I can actually wear this as a perfume, because I kinda feel like I'm inhaling powdered sugar right now. Maybe I can try putting some in my oil burner.

I also bought a bottle of Oneiroi, one of BPAL's dream scents. It's a really strong, strong lavender smell. Not something I would really wear as a perfume, but I do tend to have vivid dreams if I wear it to bed.

Sinc this arrived, I have no outstanding orders to look forward to. *sigh* I haven't gotten around to ordering any Halloween or Poe scents yet.
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*sigh* Well, I'm broke again, so if I'm going to continue to fund my perfume addiction, I'm going to have to auction off some stuff.

I have 4 imps of discontinued single notes, a lot of 10 imps never used, and a brand new bottle of Dead Man's Hand.

I may be throwing Milk Moon and Spooky on the block too.

My latest order just came in today, by the way too. I ordered bottles of Fruit Moon, Numb and Regan. (Regan is named after the Shakespearian character. It smells so good. It has orchid vanilla, which strangely smells more floral than foody.) I'm not sure I like Numb too much; it reminds me of something, but I just can't place it. Rather lemony and chilly. Or maybe I'm coming down with a cold.

I let Brenda try one of the imps at work, which led to my making lots of really bad jokes about how she reeked of Sin.
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As much as I hate having to do the mandatory overtime, it's probably just as well that it's there because I've been spending money like a loon.

First, I discovered how to bid on Japanese auctions. I'd known of Rinkya before, but their fees are so high, I haven't been tempted before. And now I've just bid on a whack of things for my creepy dolly collection. This, combined with Ebay, spells immediate doom.

Also, my favorite perfumerie, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, has come out with a limited line of scents called Carnaval Noir. How could I possibly not buy a perfume called Geek, described as "a snarling, feral scent, ever-so-slightly slightly deranged"? I must also get Freak Show, "A strange, disconcerting embrace. . . to some, alarming, and to some, intimately familiar: fig, pomegranate and cocoa bean with lemon, bergamot, vanilla, mellow honey musk, calamus and tonka." Fig and pomegranate, mmmm. I might even get Midway and Shill just to have the olfactory experience in bottles. Just reading the descriptions makes me really want to go to a carnival and load up on fair food.

It's a good thing tomorrow is payday.
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There's an article in Salon today about Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku girls that I found very interesting. I thought Stefani was just trying to draw attention to Japanese street fashion, but apparently she's being self-serving and more than a little bit creepy. Apparently her back up dancers(entourage?) is contractually obligated to speak only Japanese in public. And she's named each of them after her personal clothing line. Weird, man. I can only hope that one of the Harajuku girls will stab Gwen with a sharpened chopstick and manage to escape.

Japanese street fashion is a fascinating subject in its own right; Fruits by Shoichi Aoki is one of my favorite photo collections.

One of the perfume samples that came in the mail yesterday is called Golden Priapus. I just tried it on and it smells really good. A warm, spicy vanilla scent. Of course, I had to look up Priapus in the dictionary. Heh.
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It's been awhile since I've posted a proper update. Uh, here goes, I think...

Am now working an evening shift, which is good because I'm by nature a night person. The only bad thing about it is that those of us on night shift frequently get moved over to general sales, which I hate, hate, hate. That happened today, which made it a bad night.

Tuesday I went to the cross stitch store and bought more stash. Yay! I bought a Just Nan pattern and material for uh, another geisha pattern that I found in a magazine. (But this one is small! Minute, practically! And thus, within the realm of possibility to finish.) I think I enjoy doing smaller patterns the most. I do have some larger projects (2 geisha and 1 Mirabilia), but I find that the length of time to do those is kind of frustrating. Actually, now that I think of it, the number of works-in-progress that I have is beginning to overwhelm me. I would need a huge speed addiction to get everything done that I want to. (Fortunately, that's not a temptation as I really enjoy sleep.)

Anyway, while I was at the crack-drug shop, I finally got a charm that I've been waiting months for, so I can finally frame one of my cross stitches. Will post a piccie later.

After that, I drove around town trying to find a copy of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, which finally came out dvd. Such a good movie. Tim Roth and Gary Oldman have excellent chemistry together.

Oh, and here is the list of movies I saw last month.
Thousand Pieces of Gold - True story of a Chinese woman who's sold into prostitution and sent to California during the late 1800's. I saw this on PBS years and years ago; it gave me a big crush on Chris Cooper for awhile.

From Hell - Finally got over my Jack the Ripper phobia long enough to watch this. The temptation of watching Johnny Depp wearing a frock coat and abusing Victorian drugs was just too much to deny. Surprisingly, not that bad.

Bright Young Things - The Paris Hiltons of 1920's Britain, but in a much less annoying way.

Bride & Prejudice - I enjoyed the Bollywood aspect a lot. Very colorful and the musical scenes were very well done. I liked the parts where Naveen Andrews from Lost danced :) Spiffy.

Zatoichi - a recent Japanese movie that didn't squick the hell out of me. Tadanobu Asano was my favorite character as the yojimbo samurai. (I'd almost be tempted to rent more of his movies, except it seems the squick factor is prevalent in his movies.) I thought the fight scenes were well done, except they were too abbreviated. And the film raises some odd questions like, "Why does Zatoichi have a blond dye job? And why are all these people tap dancing?"

The Incredibles - Cute. Funny. So overexposed that I wouldn't have watched it if my friends hadn't made me, but I'm glad they did anyway.

I <3 Huckabees - This would have been pretty funny, if it hadn't bored me with its pretentiousness.

Impromptu - Another movie I saw on PBS years ago. The true story of George Sand (played by Judy Davis) falling in love with Frederic Chopin (Hugh Grant, in a very girly wig.)Highly recommended. Davis does a wonderful job of making Sand an intriguing character. She's very a funny, ballsy person; pretty anachronistic for that time.

My Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab order came in the mail today, so I'm wearing at least four different perfume samples just to try out. (Languor smells the best so far, finally an opium scent I can stand.) More stash. Ah, bliss.


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