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I live close by a high school that is really into sports. Bear that in mind.

Anyway, I had this strange, strange dream Friday morning. A religious vision, really. I saw strange, burning lights and trembled as I heard the booming, awe-inspiring voice of God. It was a life-changing kind of vision. I could see how my life would have to change if I accepted the Faith, but how could I not after a message from the Almighty?

I was bitterly disappointed, to tell you the truth. I'm perfectly happy to be a nonbeliever. I prefer philosophy and logic to the unbending tenets of organized religion. Now I would have to be devout and go to church and proselytize and all these other things I didn't want to have to do. Couldn't be arsed before. But now the alternative was hell and damnation.

I'd have to listen to Christian rock. *shudder*

As I lay in bed half awake and contemplating this vision, I heard the loud, booming voice from the loudspeaker at the highschool's stadium announcing an upcoming track and field event. A loud, booming voice that sounded exceedingly and recently familiar. I realized that the Voice announcing the 50 yard dash had worked itself into my dreaming mind in the most insidious of ways.

Punked by my own sub-conscious! Goddamnit! Still, it's with much relief that I continue on my wicked way.

Oh, and the hijinx continued this morning as well, by the way. I hit the snooze button several times trying to get that chick singing the National Anthem to shut the hell up.


Apr. 25th, 2006 12:18 am
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There's a vacant lot near my house that has been empty as long as I've lived here (and that's a damn long time.) In the spring and summer, I often see kids playing soft ball there and when I was little, I used to trek through it to go buy candy and horoscopes at the drugstore on the far side of the field. Driving home from work today, I saw that a large sign had been erected. "Future home of the so-and-so Church of Christ" What the fuck, dude? There are at least five or six churches on this street already. Why do we need another one? We're covered, damn it. We've got sanctimoniousness as far as the eye can see.

I will have to sin extra hard to make up for this.
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I don't know what the hell the deal is, but my clock radio keeps getting stuck on the Christian radio channel. It's like it has multiple personalities. Some days it will beep at me, some days it feels like Classical music, but most of the time it prefers the Christian channel. I'm not changing it, it simply has a mind of its own.

The bad part is that I can't wake up all at once, I have to do it slowly in stages of 9 minute snooze intervals. That means my morning goes something like this (and yes, 12:30 noon is morning to me):

A choir of exceedingly cheerful women singing "Washed in the blood of Jesus! Washed in the blood of Jesus!"

A father explains to his children the evils of porn. "Men are more susceptible to porn, Bobby, because we're very visual."

Some Christian rock music.

"People like Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy, etc etc. are liberals. And I mean bad liberals." (Am not entirely sure about the next part, as I am half asleep, but it has something to do with bad liberals sending a message to Bush that so-and-so person needs to let PBS fulfill it's mission statement.) "What is PBS's mission statement? Diversity." Old hick grandad on the radio rambles on for the next few minutes about diverse voices. I never find out what Ol' Hick Grandad dislikes about diverse voices because at this point I'm awake enough to stumble swearing out of bed and turn the damned thing off.

Today I was mad enough that I fixed it to the classical channel myself because I can't take too much more of this. Mornings are difficult enough without starting it up in such a fucked up manner.

I'm kind of scared that it will switch back on its own. Then I'll truly know it's possessed. I'll have to get rid of it. I can't exorcise it because it's already holier-than-thou. Better yet, maybe I can start leaving little bottles of booze and naughty magazines around it to corrupt it somehow. Smug bastard clock.
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Today, one of my coworkers told me, "Is it odd for an agnostic to tell an atheist 'bless you'in German after they sneeze?"

"Well, I believe in manners," I said. I didn't think it was that strange.

2.5 hours of OT next week, Brenn! :P So sick of this place! At least the internet is mostly up again.
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His Dark Materials adaption to be less anti-church..

I suppose that's really not too surprising, but the last line of the article really annoyed me. "You have to recognise that it is a challenge in the climate of Bush's America."

Like we can't even enjoy a good movie adaptation without Bush coming in and fucking it up somehow. Damn it.


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