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Thanks for the birthday wishes, y'all. I'm having a nice, quiet time so far; thankfully my birthday falls on three days off from work. Yesterday, mom took me out for sushi at Shiki's and then we went to see The Illusionist over at Quail Springs. I've been wanting to see it for a few weeks now; it takes such a long time for smaller movies to get to Oklahoma :P I'm really glad I got to see it though. It's a very lovely period piece, just pretty to look at. There's a flashback in the beginning where the light sort of flickers at the edges of the screen, sort of the way it does in old silent films. I want to read the Steven Millhauser short story that the movie's based on. . . but the collection it's in seems to be out of print. Drat.

(And even though I really liked the movie, occasionally I would think of the line, "It's not a trick, Michael. It's an illusion." And then I'd have to concentrate in order not to get "The Final Countdown" stuck on a loop in my head.)

The previews before the movie were The Prestige (that other Victorian magician movie), The Black Dahlia, and The Science of Sleep, all of which I'm looking forward to. Yay for awesome previews.

Today I went to Borders with my spiffy 30% off coupon. And they have bags of Lindor chocolate balls with white chocolate goopy filling for Halloween. *dies*


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