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Hai thar internetz.

Yasmin in Malaysia received my gift for HoE's freebie exchange, so I can go ahead and post pictures of it. It was fun to stitch and I was happy that I finally managed to finish a Chatelaine pattern ;)

pink rose biscornu
I made her a biscornu from Chatelaine's "Martina's Roses" pattern.

I'll be nice and put the rest of my pictures under a cut )

Not much else is going on right now; life is being boring. I'm finding it difficult to work up interest in stuff. Except for (obviously) stitching, which still entertains me and keeps me from going all stabbity at work and such.

Oh! I did discover, so I can watch streaming tv shows. Meaning I can finally catch up on Season 4 Doctor Who. YAY. I really liked "Partners in Crime". Heh, Ten and Donna are awesome and funny together. Their characters have really good chemistry, without the messiness of unrequited attraction (which was the problem with Martha in season 3). So much fucking squee.

In a not yet related note, my insomnia is kicking my butt especially hard lately. I can sleep fine once I'm asleep, it's just the getting there that's difficult. I don't think I've managed to get to sleep before 7am in at least three weeks. I vaguely remember being able to sleep while it was still dark out. It was nice.

Going to watch more Doctor Who, brb.


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