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little ghost

"Little ghost, little ghost
One I'm scared of the most
Can you scare me up a little bit of love?
I'm the only one that sees you,
And I can't do much to please you
And it's not yet time to meet the lord above"
--the White Stripes
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Today was a good mail day. The dresses that I ordered from Atelier Arcadia's Circus Collection arrived from Spain, as did a box of Leeke wigs from a group order. So that was a good excuse to take some doll pictures in a long while.

Gish invites you in )
I love the Arcadia outfits. I love all the tiny details and it's so well put together. I am really tempted to get the stripey bustle dress next now that the fabric is back in stock. Hmmm.
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Bat Gish wishes you a very
Bat Gish

*runs off to work*
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It's been a really long time since I've taken any doll pictures. I think I got kind of bored with the hobby these past few months. Well, maybe not bored exactly; I just didn't have any creative inspiration to do anything new. It's hard to do something different in this hobby that doesn't require a lot of money and effort. I still enjoyed looking at my dolls themselves and seeing pictures of other people's dolls though. I do miss doing stuff with them, so I decided to take some Halloween pictures, with mixed results.

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Unrelated note: I really like the UndeadJournal theme that LJ has this Halloween. :)
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While I was gone, my Northern Lights necklace arrived from Rae's Creations(squee!) and doll parts also came in the mail. So I wanted to go ahead and make a picture post.

Introducing Alistair...
Alistair is a Migidoll Ryu head on a Domuya body. He needs shoes and maybe a fur wig.
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Enough boring work posts, here is a picture of Opaline.
red & white Opaline

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I am half-heartedly reading Alison Weir's Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley. I am about halfway through it, but even though it's about murder and the blowing up of the evidence, I am finding it hard to maintain interest. I usually like Weir, but this one is taking me forever. I ought to order a copy of The Six Wives of Henry VIII and The Lady Elizabeth, her new novel. I am interested in seeing how much more Weir can write about the Tudor era. And I am sure it must be better than Philippa Gregory's The Virgin's Lover because good god, that one was terrible. I think Gregory is sometimes fun, but she definitely uses the Bizarro book of Tudor history for reference.
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the clockwork maiden

Here's Dorian wearing the steampunk gear eyes that I bought from Clayfaery on DoA. I saw a few pictures floating around the internets, like on [ profile] the_impassive's amazing Bitte for one. When I saw them for sale in the Marketplace, I snapped up a pair. They're made of teeny tiny little gears; what I really love about them is that they're so detailed that from a distance they look almost like regular doll eyes.

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Ah, today is nice so far. Then again, any day I don't have to work is good. Okay, now to get some dinner.
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Opaline is my slightly insane Victorian girl.
Opaline )
Nothing else to note but that I'm watching American Gangster and it's more boring than I expected.
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So I took dozens of photos today, four of which I managed to get kind of in focus ;)

Anyway, awhile back I was reading Caroline Weber's Queen of Fashion and thinking, "A redingcote would look really cool on a doll." Then naught but three days later, [ profile] nealeinvan posts pictures of a lovely green redingote that he commissioned from Vitta-Vera. Always a step ahead. . . ^_^ I also learned about [ profile] topsyturvies's etsy shop for doll hats from [ profile] nealeinvan. Too much dolly tempation. I emailed [ profile] tsuminaki to commission a redingcote in my favorite color and [ profile] topsyturvies for a Gainsborough hat to match. They both did such a wonderful job; the hat and coat are so much prettier in real life than I can capture here. Thank you, guys! And thanks, Neale for the dolly inspiration :D
The Red Duchess

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I finally gave up searching and just bought a new battery charger. More of the Ospirit dress.


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Now I've run out of free space on my flickr account, I'll have to pony up for a pro account. Wah, funnelcakes.

Think I'll go out to Hastings in a bit, maybe a book post later tonight.
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Ah, at last the Christmas season is over. I hope everyone had a nice time. Mine was quietly spent. My sister came into town to visit, which was nice since I hadn't seen her since last year. I didn't have to work Christmas Eve or Day, thank goodness.

Trying not to let work get me down too much, with varying degrees of failure success. Customers of any stripe are always much bitchier during the holidays. My new-hire probationary period is over though, which makes things a bit easier since now I can take advantage of getting to leave early during slow periods. Yays. Because jebus knows I want to avoid working if at all possible.

Anyway, pics under the cut! One of my Taj Mahal progress and one of Gish )

Fair Day

Sep. 19th, 2007 03:18 am
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On Monday, I went to the State Fair with Sarah, Nicole and Brodie.


The Deep Fried Bacon Cheddar Mash Potatoes On A Stick? Fan-fucking-tastic. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined all my favorite things together as one and served to me on a fucking stick. With Ranch dressing!!! Give yourself 1,000,000 bonus pts for that, State Fair vendor.

Unfortunately, I didn't get an actual picture of it because by the time I thought of getting my camera back out, I had already inhaled half of it. But trust me, the batter was a golden brown that would make you weep with happiness.

Anyway, onward, pictures under the cut )
I had a wonderful time; I'm glad I got to hang out with my friends :)
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some Sebastienne spammage...
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In unrelated news, I took three of my cross stitch pieces up to the fairgrounds this weekend. I submitted The Kiss, the Halloween Fairy (which I will have to take a new picture of in its awesome new frame), and The Bookshelf. No sampler entry, since my car ate my framing funds. The fair opens on Thursday, but I won't get to go until sometime next week. I'm impatient to see how I do and also to eat fried food on sticks.

I haven't worked on the Taj Mahal since June :( Stupid work taking up all my time. It's too big to take with me, but I miss working on it.
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Img_1115 Bunny pinkeep

I made another pinkeep, using a bunny sampler. That's the first thing I stitched on linen fabric, but it's been in a bin for the past couple of years. (I stitch a lot of things and just stick them in a bin, to be honest.)

Re-watching The Forsyte Saga. I'm in a mood to watch repressed Victorians.
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Oh! And I went to see Stardust this evening and liked it a lot. Very cute and funny, will definitely buy the dvd of it once it comes out. It wasn't my favorite of Gaiman's novels (that would probably be Neverwhere or Good Omens), but it translated really well to film. I was disappointed that Tori Amos didn't have a cameo as a tree, though.
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Taking doll pictures always cheers me up. (I wanted to get a picture of the new Drop Rops eyes that I bought from Cassiel on DoA; I really like the gradation of color.) Really, most days I wake up and wish I could stay at home and take doll pictures. Apparently, my life's ambition is to be 5 yrs old.

I saw a bunny at work today. It was sitting in the middle of the patio tonight, just chilling. Awww. Maybe that's a good sign.
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Took advantage of the mild weather yesterday to take some dolly pictures. The trees in the backyard were in bloom, so it seemed like a good idea

Ludivine in the garden
The apple tree had some very pretty blossoms even though it's still a fairly small tree.

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lolita noir
Dorian listens to British New Wave.

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21 more days of gainful employment. I think after that I'm going to lie in bed for at least a week.
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Gish as Marie Antoinette

Since I am a sucker for costume dramas and pretty, pretty historical clothing, I adored all of the umpty-zillion different outfits in Marie Antoinette. So about a month ago, I commissioned Vitta-Vera to make me a dollfie-sized version of my favorite of Marie's dresses. (If I can't wear 18th century ball gowns myself, then at least I can dress my dolls up in them.) They did such a really gorgeous job on it. I wish my poor camera skills could do it justice, but here's some pictures I took of it today.

More pictures this way )

Now I'm off to watch the movie and finish up some cross stitching.
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creative uses of cropping...

and other dolly pictures )
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Now that I'm back on a night shift, my natural sleeping cycle is kicking back in and I find it difficult not to stay up till 5 am playing stupid games like Dynomite on Popcap. So I thought I would do something semi-productive and post dolly pictures instead.

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Why is Ludivine so sleepy?

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