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An update of sorts...

Workplace continuing to fuck with my head. I went to pick up my paycheck today and as per usual, went to the receptionist's desk. She gave me a look of surprise and said, "Are you still working here?" Well, yes, as far as I know. Since I heard confirmation today that they're planning on downsizing my department, this was exactly what I didn't need to hear. The receptionist hurriedly went on to explain that they only keep the paychecks of departed employees at the front desk and everyone else's are with HR. This isn't true as I've been getting them at the front desk for weeks, specifically so I can avoid having to track down the rather obnoxious HR lady. But whatever. I go back to HR and fortunately, the HR lady's in her office, for once. She cackled when she gave me my check (WTF), which could be apropos of nothing, but feels like a bad omen just the same.

Needless to say, I'm not at all feeling happy in regards to the work front. It was a good job once. . . *shrug* but once they sold the company to the new owners, it's just been downhill. Half the department has already quit, so really, there's not much left for them to downsize. One would hope. My fingers are crossed that I can get off the sinking ship in time.

Anyhoo on Tuesday night, I dreamt I was on a game show and they had on Anne Coulter, who was debuting her singing career. I immediately ran over and began beating the crap out of her. When she grabbed my hands to keep me from banging her head against the wall, I attempted to choke her with my feet, à la Mystique from the X-Men movies. And the whole time I kept yelling, "It's for the good of the country!" I seriously hope that's the last time I have a dream involving Anne Coulter.
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I live close by a high school that is really into sports. Bear that in mind.

Anyway, I had this strange, strange dream Friday morning. A religious vision, really. I saw strange, burning lights and trembled as I heard the booming, awe-inspiring voice of God. It was a life-changing kind of vision. I could see how my life would have to change if I accepted the Faith, but how could I not after a message from the Almighty?

I was bitterly disappointed, to tell you the truth. I'm perfectly happy to be a nonbeliever. I prefer philosophy and logic to the unbending tenets of organized religion. Now I would have to be devout and go to church and proselytize and all these other things I didn't want to have to do. Couldn't be arsed before. But now the alternative was hell and damnation.

I'd have to listen to Christian rock. *shudder*

As I lay in bed half awake and contemplating this vision, I heard the loud, booming voice from the loudspeaker at the highschool's stadium announcing an upcoming track and field event. A loud, booming voice that sounded exceedingly and recently familiar. I realized that the Voice announcing the 50 yard dash had worked itself into my dreaming mind in the most insidious of ways.

Punked by my own sub-conscious! Goddamnit! Still, it's with much relief that I continue on my wicked way.

Oh, and the hijinx continued this morning as well, by the way. I hit the snooze button several times trying to get that chick singing the National Anthem to shut the hell up.


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