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*sigh* I had last week off from work, but I didn't really get anything accomplished. It was very nice while it lasted however, and I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. At least Saturdays are generally tolerable.

I went to the State Fair with Nicole and Brodie today. Lots of fun. For a 10 year old boy, Brodie was remarkably patient while his mom and I made him look at exhibits. And he had a lot of funs during the rides later, especially the bungee cord/giant rubber band where he accomplished some awesome flips and backflips. (yay!)

I think next year I will enter the cross stitch competition. If I'm not mistaken, the first and second places were both Mirabilia fairies. (Surprisingly, I didn't see any Teresa Wentzler designs. ) Hmm. I may enter my geisha unless I can finish a huge one by next August.

Also, I had a fried cheesecake. And it was awesome.

Starting to crash :( Must get sleep.


Aug. 23rd, 2005 03:29 am
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Not only have I found a boot of Rufus singing "Between My Legs", I found one that was recorded at the Tulsa show I went to. Woohoo! Here is a link if anyone is interested; it is halfway down the page. Bless you, bootleggers!

In other news, work still sucks. It's kind of surprising how many people you can confuse by telling them their flight leaves at 12pm and they're like, "Midnight? I don't want to leave at midnight!" Nooooo. Um, that's not it. Another customer was interrupted by his wife about five times because he was spelling his name to me and she kept trying to correct him, incorrectly. Finally, he asked me to hold and I could hear him asking her, "Barbara, do you know how to spell your last name?" (I didn't hear the rest of what they said because I was laughing at them. On mute, of course.)

Also, fucking mosquitos! Die! *completely driven to distraction*

*eta: Mission accomplished. One less pest to worry about.
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Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!

Now you are old, like the rest of us! ^_^
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Today I went to visit Sarah and Charlotte (who is in town from Arkansas.) Charlotte had bought a package of Brie and between the two of us, we managed to eat the entire wheel of cheese (with crackers) in one sitting. It was awesome.

Some of the comments:
"No wonder people name their kids after this." - Charlotte
"This is so good, it is like a cheese-gasm!" -me
"Are you two drunk on cheese?" - Sarah

Something that freaks me out (besides the power of cheese), is that occasionally you can find really artsy, foreign movies at Walmart, of all places. Once, I found a Werner Herzog movie there. I stopped there tonight and found a copy of A Tale of Two Sisters. A Gothic Korean horror movie that didn't play within probably a hundred miles of here when it first came out and today, it was on the rack above some Hillary Duff dvd. It was only $9 so I went ahead and bought it (the Korean movie, not the Duff flick.) Here's hoping it's in the original language and not badly dubbed crap, or I'm selling it used on Amazon.
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Happy Birthday, Brenda!

Hope it's a good one! Cheers!
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I went to a dance class Monday evening. Sarah talked me into it after she saw an ad in the paper. $20 for 3 classes or something. For the first class, I learned about 20 minutes of basic steps and then the manager came over and gave us a long hard sell/motivational speech. Once he learned that we both work in customer service, he talked about how dance lessons would help improve our salesmanship. (Which is funny, since Sarah doesn't actually sell anything and I couldn't care less.)

I'm not sure how I feel about this so far. It's interesting and I wouldn't mind learning. However, my natural instinct is to flee social situations. We'll see how the second class goes...
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What I heard today. . .
"Dang, girl, how many arts and crafts projects do you need?" from Mickie. I had three cross stitch projects on my desk and was working on knitting a scarf at the time. A lot, apparently. Short attention span and all.

"Did you know that if you press Alt and Tab, you can toggle between windows?" during a training class at work. This got the trainer a lot of dirty looks.

Also, Sarah told me that when she went to the liquor store today, some customer wanted to know if she could use her gun permit as her photo id :o

What I read today. . .
I'm currently reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is so witty, I recognize something on nearly every page; it's like reading a Random Quote Generator. The notes in the Penguin edition are also, if inadvertantly, amusing.

"Achilles statue: This twenty-foot-high bronze statue, which stands in Park Lane, was cast from French guns in 1822 in honour of the victorious Duke of Wellington. Erected by the 'women of England', it was the first public nude statue displayed in England."

What I ate today. . .
I went to a Japanese hibachi restuarant called Shiki with some friends. I tried the Tiger Roll, which was eel and avocado wrapped around rice and shrimp. Sooo good. Nicole's kid Brodie didn't seem to eat too much, but he had a great time watching the hibachi chef cook and set fires.

Also, Shiki had the best fried rice that I've ever mooched off of someone else's plate.

What I saw today. . .
After dinner, we rented Ju-on. When will I ever learn to stick to Studio Ghibli or samurai when it comes to Japanese movies? It was boring and worse, pointless and plotless. It was just a series of creepy deaths, ad infinitum, hopping from person to person until it felt like it was going to kill everyone in Tokyo like a paranormal virus. There are some movies that I feel more fond of (or more lenient of its faults) in retrospect, but I think this is one that grows in annoyance while remembering it.

Anyhoo . . .
Am recovering from cat allergies now, but all in all, not a bad day. Work has not improved, but I don't feel as depressed about it for the moment. Like airline fares, my mood is subject to change and most likely will.
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I spent New Year's Eve at a party at Sarah's house yesterday. Got to see everybody and finally do Christmas gift exchange. Yay for stuff! Nicole got me a Hello Kitty toaster! I have never before been so excited at the prospect of toast. (Cute toast!) Had a few apple martinis and danced very badly. Lots of fun all the same.

Last year, I decided to keep track of how many books I've read, in part because I enjoy anal list-making. It looks like I had a glut of historical novels and YA fiction.
Books I've read in 2004 )

I don't really hold to resolution making as it tends to be a futile exercise, but here is what I'd like to see happen this year.
I'd like to see A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Life Aquatic at some point this month. I'd like to be able to learn to cook something beyond baking desserts. I'd like to learn to sew. And I'd like to write more, particularly fiction, but that's really a given any year.


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