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HoE Halloween Exchange

The last exchange I signed up for was Halloween themed and yesterday, I received a package from Marie in W. Virginia. She made a cute little bag. I'm so impressed by her sewing, it's so well made. Plus, she sent a bunch of extra goodies, like fabric, ribbons, floss, buttons, and stickers. There was also a JBW chart, one of my favorite designers. I was amazed by her generosity and I love all of it very much! :D

Here's the front of it.
HoE Halloween exchange

There's even a cross stitch on the back of it. (Sorry for the blurriness, darn shaky hands.)
HoE Halloween Exchange

Thank you for such a wonderful exchange, Marie.
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So, I was out of town a few days last week and when I got back home I was excited to see that my Little House Needleworks exchange had arrived from Karen in Australia.

LHN blossoms & blackbirds
Karen sent me a pinkeep made from the "Blossoms & Blackbirds" pattern. Isn't it cute?

LHN swap
She also generously included some extra goodies: a notepad with peacocks (my favorite birds!), some embroidery floss, and some very elegant fabric (I love the color and design.)

Thank you, Karen! ^_^

In other cross-stitchy news, I've a few small finishes of my own that I will post soon when I get around to editing the pictures. Also, I found the UK magazine at the bookstore that had a Dalek pattern in it. I've seen a few people who stitched it on the [ profile] cross_stitch comm and I've been hoping to get ahold of it. The rest of the patterns in the magazine are kinda crap, but at least I can finally combine all my girl geek hobbies into one glorious mess of nerdiness. So I got that going for me, which is nice.
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The last cross stitch exchange I joined had a Little House Needleworks theme, one of my favorite designers. I was given Yuko's name and since she has let me know that she received her package, I can go ahead and post pictures of what I made for her. I'm amazed it only took about a week to arrive in Japan.

LHN Roses pinkeep

The back of the pinkeep has a little pocket for scissors and some shell rings to hang thread onto. It was kind of hard to get a good picture of the fabric color; the linen is 28ct Antique Green and it's a very light, mottled green.

I really enjoyed stitching for Yuko. We both have a love of all things pink! :) I'm very happy that she seems pleased with it.
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Hai thar internetz.

Yasmin in Malaysia received my gift for HoE's freebie exchange, so I can go ahead and post pictures of it. It was fun to stitch and I was happy that I finally managed to finish a Chatelaine pattern ;)

pink rose biscornu
I made her a biscornu from Chatelaine's "Martina's Roses" pattern.

I'll be nice and put the rest of my pictures under a cut )

Not much else is going on right now; life is being boring. I'm finding it difficult to work up interest in stuff. Except for (obviously) stitching, which still entertains me and keeps me from going all stabbity at work and such.

Oh! I did discover, so I can watch streaming tv shows. Meaning I can finally catch up on Season 4 Doctor Who. YAY. I really liked "Partners in Crime". Heh, Ten and Donna are awesome and funny together. Their characters have really good chemistry, without the messiness of unrequited attraction (which was the problem with Martha in season 3). So much fucking squee.

In a not yet related note, my insomnia is kicking my butt especially hard lately. I can sleep fine once I'm asleep, it's just the getting there that's difficult. I don't think I've managed to get to sleep before 7am in at least three weeks. I vaguely remember being able to sleep while it was still dark out. It was nice.

Going to watch more Doctor Who, brb.
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Yesterday I received a cross stitch exchange from Nela in Venezuela. The Hooked on Exchanging board was doing an exchange based on free patterns and Nela sent me this wonderful embroidered box and matching scissor fob. They are sooooo pretty. And they're in my favorite colors of pink and green :D

freebie exchange

freebie exchange
Inside there are some thread/ribbon winders and a needle minder. Plus, she sent candy. You know you can't go wrong with candy.

Thank you, Nela!


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