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I should have got some lottery tickets today -- the powerball number was 42!

I could've used the money to buy more books. And also to fund a life of unemployment so I would never have to talk to customers again.

Books for March

Kamikaze Girls by Novala Takemoto. A Japanese girl obsessed with Rococo and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright clothing becomes friends with a moped-driving punk girl. Original source material for an awesome movie. And I loved the book too, especially since Ichiko is much more foul-mouthed, which seems fitting to her character. My only complaint is that the cover art, meant to mimic embroidery, looks like a print out from a really old color printer.

Wise Guy by Nicholas Pileggi. Basis for the movie Good Fellas, about the life of Henry Hill and his career in the Mafia. Fun.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. The story of two women's friendship in 19th Century China. I really enjoyed this, despite the fact that first person narrator's frequently unlikeable plus the chapter about foot-binding, which nearly made me throw up. Still, the story's very poignant and hard to put down. It's nice to find a historical novel set in a different locale for once.

Cash: The Autobiography by Johnny Cash. I read this after watching Walk the Line again. Johnny Cash is The Man. It's not a linear account, but much more anecdotal in nature, which is kind of distracting. It's a bit ironic that Cash seemed rather embarrassed by his history of drug abuse (although honest enough to not shy away from it), when the movie about his life is almost entirely centered around that aspect.

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. Another autobiography, this time about the author's bizarre childhood. Despite the neglect of her eccentric parents and living in poverty, Walls doesn't depict her life with the self-pity of a victim. It's rather more reflective and nonjudgmental and oftentimes funny. A very good read, I'd highly recommend.

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lisa Willig. Bleah. This was a bit more fluffy and Chicklit-y than I expected. It has two plotlines, one in the present as a historical researcher/Bridget Jones-type heroine tries to uncover the identity of a British spy (the Pink Carnation) in Napoleonic France and the other in the past, with another airheaded heroine also trying to uncover the identity of said spy so she can help him reestablish the monarchy. It's dumb. Interesting enough to finish the book, but I don't think I'll be buying the sequel. I haven't read enough Chicklit to know, but do all the main characters seem to come across as Mary Sues? I'm curious to know. Anyway, one would be better off just reading The Scarlet Pimpernel instead of this.

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, reread. In times of stress, you can't go wrong with Austen. This time, it occured to me that Marianne is a very wangsty, emo teenager (and not very likeable either), but I guess that's the point.

The Seduction of Water by Carol Goodman. This is the second book I've read by this author and I think she's going to be one of those Must-reads, where I have to get read all her books. She does modern Gothic thrillers very well, a la Barbara Michaels (who used to be one of my Must-reads.) This one's about a writer whose fantasy-novelist mother died under mysterious circumstances years ago. The main character's trying to uncover what really happened to a)her mother and b)the mother's last book, which also mysteriously, disappeared. Includes a lot of rumination on the nature of fairy tales and folklore as well, which I also liked.

Lost was a good episode today. The scene where Hurley kicks Sawyer's ass is possibly my favorite moment of the series so far. Jin laughing in the background while Sun urges him to do something makes it totally awesome.


Jan. 13th, 2006 12:11 am
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Why is it that out of all of the days in the week, the two I have off go by the fastest of them all?

little updates:
On Tuesday night, I went to go see Brokeback Mountain with [ profile] mythicalgryphon and Sarah. I'd be looking forward to it for months and it did indeed live up to my expectations. A wonderful movie, yet beautifully understated so that it doesn't beat you over the head with its message. Simply the story of two people who love each other, but can't openly share it because of social convention. (Oldest plotline ever, but it still works!)

Afterwards, we all went to Sarah's house because she had left-over brisket and stuffs from a road trip. Mmm. I will totally have to drive the hour and half down to ????, Oklahoma for that kind of food. (I can't remember the name of the place.) Anyway, it was all very yummy. Thanks for sharing, Sarah =)

Wednesday was spent goofing off and watching Lost. Mr. Ecko's story was sad, Charlie was a prat, and yeah, when they started reciting the 23rd Psalm, I did think it got a little too churchy. Let's cut to Jack already so he can insist that none of this is happening because of OMGFATE.

Today, I got up at a quarter past 8 AM to take my mom to a doctor's checkup. I repeat, 8 in the morning. That nearly killed me. Let's never do that again. I didn't even bother to bring a book for the waiting room because I was so tired that I became temporarily illiterate. That's how tired I was.

Also, my dvd of Kamikaze Girls came in the mail. (Thanks for not ringing the doorbell, UPS person.) This, along with Brokeback, was the other movie from last year that I was really wanting to see. And it rocked hard. I have to admit that I envy Momoko her Lolita wardrobe. And it goes without saying, her mad embroidery skilz too =D

Speaking of Lolita fashion, here is a picture of my new doll from Korea. (I get so excited when I manage to take a picture that is actually in focus that I must share.) I've named her Gish. She's meant to share a body with my vampire doll head (the heads can switch out), but I haven't had the heart to decapitate her just yet.
Image hosted by
A pic of the dress under the cut )

Time for a midnight snack and then I'll check out the BPAL update tonight!
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So after I saw Lost today... )
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Today I went over to Sarah's house to watch Lost . . .
babbles about Lost for awhile )

I watched the first dvd for Firefly from my Netflix list and I really liked it. Oddly, I couldn't find the boxed set anywhere around town today.
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some comments on the last night's episode of Lost

cut for spoilers )
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For any of you Lost fans (pokes Brenda with stick), you should really download the UK promo for the show (it is just about to start there soon.)Really, seriously, for the love of gawd, man.

links and screencaps for Lost commercial.

It is directed by David LaChappelle, who is apparently on crack most of the time anyway. (He also did the acid trip Burger King commercial with Hootie.) Not my favorite photographer, but he gets a lifetime pass for this. It is so, so pretty.


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