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random food meme that I ripped off somewhere )

Oklahoma's under a tornado warning! In freakin' November! Craziness!

Also, I believe BPAL is supposed to be doing an update later tonight. I'm tempted to stay up just to see what they're coming out with for their anniversary/full moon post. I'm sure it'll break my bank account, regardless. Terribly curious, but I need sleep!
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meme ganked from [ profile] zhai

LJ Interests meme results

  1. buster keaton:
    favorite Hot Dead Guy. I became interested in Buster Keaton from watching a lot of Jackie Chan movies, who is hugely influenced by Keaton (and has recreated some of his stunts.) I love the way Keaton calmly deals with whatever crazyiness the universe throws at him.
  2. cross stitch:
    I've tried doing cross stitch intermittenly over the years, but it wasn't until I got a supremely boring call center job that I ever managed to finish anything. It's very relaxing and quite easy to do.
  3. edward gorey:
    I've liked Edward Gorey ever since I was a little kid and saw his animation for Mystery! on PBS. He's my favorite artist.
  4. hello kitty:
    I still have a Hello Kitty eraser that I bought when I was five. (somewhere. It's hard to say in all this mess.) There's something inherently appealing about stuff that cute.

  5. kung fu movies:
    Kung fu movies are just awesome. They're like musicals, kung fu is just as graceful as dancing. Only with ass-kicking.
  6. lost:
    I like a well-written tv show. Can't wait for the 2nd season!
  7. neil gaiman:
    Neil Gaiman lured me into reading comic books.
  8. rabbits:
    My chinese birth year is the rabbit. Rabbits are cute and may also be quite vicious, with pointy teeth.
  9. ryan adams:
    (Not to be confused with the Canadian singer who wants to know if you've ever really loved a woman. Or Ryan will threaten to punch you in the face.)I was kind of turned off his music for awhile because Adams seemes to be kind of an asshole, (but if I cleared my cd collection of assholes, probably all I'd have left is David Gray and Moby, if that). Asshole or not, he's still way talented. Listen to Cold Roses and Love is Hell.
  10. silent films:
    I like movies; I like the Roaring 20's; so therefore I'm interested in silent films. They have a weird, dreamlike quality.

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In lieu of a normal update,memes )

Also: Is Bush off his fucking vacation yet?


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