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Random music that I like...

My cd of Florence and the Machine's Lungs album came in the mail this week and I really love it so far. It has taken up permanent residence in my car stereo.

"Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)" was the first song that caught my attention. My inner English major appreciates the Lady of Shalott reference in the video.

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Lately, I've felt like acquiring some new music. I just ordered several cds off of Amazon: Fleet Foxes, Franz Ferdinand's new album, Only By the Night by Kings of Leon, and Noble Beast by Andrew Bird. Oh, and the dvd of Grant Gee's Joy Division documentary.

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I just saw a clip from Angels & Demons and am extremely dismayed to see that Ewan McGregor is in it. I hated The DaVinci Code. Maybe hate is a bit harsh. When I woke up from my boredom coma by the end credits, I really wished I had made better use of my time. I can't bring myself to watch the sequel, not even for Ewan McGregor. And I've sat through a lot of crap for Ewan McGregor.
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Last night I fixed a pot of tea for my mom and myself and she stayed up all night playing computer solitaire and listening to Chris Brown and Rihanna. That was not a good idea. No more caffeine for you.

Speaking of which, I was flipping channels awhile ago and Chris Brown was on Fashion is Incredibly LameRocks, so I called my mom over so she could see it. Mom, who I should mention is in her 70's, thinks Chris Brown is awesome and is going to be really famous. Previous to her playing "Forever" on repeat this week, I had no idea who he was.

"Are you kidding me?" I said. "This is terrible. Look, he's not even singing. He's just dancing and occassionally going 'Whoo!' That's just silly." Then they played a bit of the Stones' "Paint It Black" for their British Invasion segment. "Listen, that is real music. That is actual singing. Hey, are you rolling your eyes at me? Don't make me put my embroidery down and come over there."

(Okay, I didn't really say that last bit. The Rolling Stones did get an eyeroll though.) In conclusion: My mom's musical choices are wrong; plus, they are making me feel old. FAIL.
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The crazy sleep schedule continues on unabated. I've come up with a new diet where I sleep through breakfast and lunch and then get up and just have a massive dinner. Strangely enough, I don't seem to be losing any weight with my sleep-through-all-but-one-meal plan.

Tv on the internet is much more interesting than what's currently on regular tv. Tonight I stayed up and watched the "Midnight", "Turn Left" and "Stolen Earth" episodes of Doctor Who. OMG. The last few minutes of Stolen Earth were spent literally making this face :o and :O and then
some more.

I watched a couple of movies this week. The Other Boleyn Girl, for which I'm now very glad I didn't pay to see in the theater. It was terrible, although Natalie Portman was very good as Anne Boleyn (which is kind of odd because she didn't really rise above when in other previous crappy movies.) Scarlett Johannsen is pretty, but still boring as all hell. Whenever she was on screen, it felt like "Oh yeah right, you're in this, aren't you?" which is not something you should be thinking about the main character. Jim Sturgess (hot) was totally wasted as George Boleyn. He should have been so much wittier and gayer than what the movie gave us.

Out of curiousity (and because I was too lazy to walk over and take the dvd out of the player), I watched some of the extras. Also, I wanted to see if Philippa Gregory is as on crack in person as she is in her writing, but I detected no overt signs of Anne Rice-ian wackjobness. I did feel bad for Eric Bana (hotness also mostly wasted) because he mentions in an interview how he wanted to do the movie because he liked the book. And the movie is nothing like the book. (Nor is it like history either, for that matter.) In fact, they immediately show the screenwriter saying how the book doesn't work cinematically, so he pretty much threw out the book and tried to keep to its spirit instead. I'm sorry, that just sounds like a shitty excuse for poor writing. It's your job to make it work, screenwriter guy. Turns out that the he wrote a previous Henry VIII biopic that I saw on Masterpiece Theater a few years back that was also crap. I don't know what he has against the Tudor period, but I hope he stays out of it in the future.

Oh, and I watched Grant Gee's documentary about Joy Division too. I really only like maybe about four or five Joy Division songs, but the documentary is very beautifully filmed and interesting. And hella depressing. I love Grant Gee's other documentary about Radiohead, Meeting People is Easy, and I'll say this: Grant Gee does a really good job at conveying the spirit and awesomeness of a particular rock band's music, but he makes being a rock star seem like it's the most soul crushing experience ever. Or maybe it's just the subjects he's chosen, I don't know, but his movies make me want to both go out and see concerts and take anti-depressants.

Hey, it's light out, so that means I can get some sleep now. Later, internets.
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List your 5 favorite bands, then list your 5 favorite songs from each band.
Tag 5 people to do the same
Whatever. No tags, do your own thing.

1. The Beatles, greatest band evar.
"You Know My Name, Look Up the Number"
"Here Comes the Sun"
"I've Just Seen a Face"
"Across the Universe"
"Dear Prudence"

2. Radiohead
"How to Disappear Completely"
"Let Down"
"Street Spirit (Fade Out)"

3. The Smiths
" Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want"
"I Know It's Over"
"Cemetry Gates"
"The Boy with the Thorn in His Side"
"Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"

4. Rasputina
"The New Zero"
"Any Old Actress"
"High on Life"
"Wish You Were Here"
"Watch T.V."

5. Placebo
"Special Needs"
"Running Up that Hill"
"This Picture"
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Sarah and I have tickets to see Neko Case in concert tonight, yay! My plan to talk my friends into going to concerts with me by cunningly baiting them with mix tapes has finally reached fruition.

It hasn't worked with all of them though. I couldn't quite convince Nicole that yes, there was bad country music, but also good country music and Neko Case fell into the latter category.

So, as proof, here's one of my favorites: the lush and creepy "Deep Red Bells" off of Blacklisted.According to Wikipedia, it was inspired by the Green River serial killings. It gives me goosebumps.
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So many people have quit work that the weekdays are pretty busy now. Customers continue to be aggravating. Yesterday, I told a guy to google a hotel if he wanted more information and he asked me to spell google for him. Perhaps I should have spelled instead. Also, some other guy called me an Okie hick after he asked where my call center was. What a douche. Now, I realize he was just trying to be funny. He just failed miserably. (I always groan inwardly when the agents transferring the calls say something like, "Oh, he's a character", "a cool guy" or crap like that because it usually translates to "pain in ass.") Whatever. He was from Minnesota, of all places. Not exactly the most posh accent either, asshole.

I'm almost looking forward to the possible layoff, just to break up the monotony.

In other news . . .
I'm really, really enjoying the online Dracula read along. Reading it from the lj friends' list makes it creepy and seem more real. The discussion in the comments section has been enlightening as well. It's difficult to read the Jonathan Harker entries and not hear Keanu Reeves' voice, though.

Was surprised to see that Placebo has a new album out. Why Amazon spams me about crap I don't listen to and never notifies me about bands whose cds I have bought before, I do not understand. Must chalk it up to suckage. Anyway, I'm enjoying the album so far, although Placebo seems to be continuing their trend of really ugly cover art.

Off to go watch Derailed. . .
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some random song lyrics.

Tryin' hard to be a happy woman,
But sometimes life just overcomes me.
Everyday I'm workin' just to pay my dues.
Lay down at night, my mind is so confused.

--Lucinda Williams, "Happy Woman Blues"

I leave the party at 3am,
Alone, thank God,
With a valium from the bride.
It's the devil I love
It's the devil I love
And it's as funny as real love
And it's as real as true love.

--Neko Case, "Hold On"

My phone's on vibrate for you
Electroclash is karaoke to
I tried to dance Britney Spears
I guess I'm getting on in years

--Rufus Wainwright, "Vibrate"

Trudging slowly over wet sand
Back to the bench where your clothes were stolen
This is the coastal town
That they forgot to close down
Armageddon - come Armageddon!
Come, Armageddon! Come!

--Morrissey "Everyday is Like Sunday"
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It's been about 3 weeks since I last updated. I'm a bad lj'er. So what's new?

On Monday, I went to see Coldplay in concert with my friends Sarah and Nicole. Preceding the concert, we had dinner at Pearl's Cajun Kitchen, otherwise known as "the shack," since it literally appears to be a tin shack randomly propped up between a Sonic and Charleston's steak house. They do have good food for cheap though; I had some yummy fried crawfish. So anyways, we then drove downtown to the Ford Center, took our seats in the Upper Level Nosebleed section (it felt like we were sitting on top of a sheer drop) which caused some severe vertigo. I'm glad we all went. Fun times.

Some observations about the concert. . .

Fiona Apple was the opening act. She sounds kind of bluesy/jazzy/screamy live. Also, she dances in a flailing manner, similar to a tantrum although not nearly as epileptic as Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

Coldplay did a good live show. I was happy to hear my favorite songs "Clocks" and "Don't Panic." I was a bit disappointed that they didn't do "Amsterdam," but they made up for it by doing a cover of "Ring of Fire" which was awesomeness.

I really love A Rush of Blood to the Head, but I think their follow-up album X & Y isn't nearly as great. It's good, but a lot of the songs sound awfully alike and sometimes I can't tell them apart. (Maybe I'm getting old.) Also, seeing them live gave me the impression that Coldplay aspires to be Radiohead or given their lack of paranoia, perhaps U2. (I've read articles where they've said as much, but it seemed much more apparent when seeing them live.)

Chris Martin has a sort of grown-out white boy ‘fro that occassionally confused me into thinking I was looking at Peter Frampton instead. I did like how, during the encore, he ran to the back of the Ford Center so he could sing to the people in the crap seats. Nice.

Now I'm at the end of my four lovely days off from work. I didn't do much else besides sleep, eat, and goof off. Zero accomplished, as per usual. I watched Spiderman 2 again. Man, Tobey Maguire makes some really unattractive faces in that movie. It's very distracting.

Books tomorrow, possibly.
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I just got an email saying that Morrissey is going to be in concert in Oklahoma City next month. Unfortunately, I'm dead broke, but I think I'm going to have to find a way of going in order to satisfy my inner Mopey Goth. Hello, credit cards!

The weird part is that the email says he's only doing two US shows and the other one is Tulsa. And it's not listed on Pollstar, which is showing an Austin show instead, but it is on, which does do a lot of local concerts (I got my Rufus Wainwright tickets from them.) I'm really surprised that he's playing Oklahoma at all, much less only Oklahoma. I'm not entirely convinced that the internets aren't playing some bizarre email prank. Oklahoma is not exactly a hotbed of Morrissey fandom. Maybe once in a blue moon, the radio will play "How Soon is Now?" And I heard a song off Vauxhall and I on the radio, once, 12 years ago, and zip since. But if it is true, then...

zomg! The more I think about it, the more I really want to go!
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Thanks to [ profile] mythicalgryphon who downloaded the videos for me, I finally got to see Ryan Adams on Austin City Limits. Yay! (Also, opportunity to use shiny, new icon.)It was a good show, although I was distracted by a)Quicktime repeatedly crashing and b)wanting Ryan to brush his hair. (Look at the icon, he cleans up good!) Also, he was wearing plastic frame speccies that looked remarkably like the ones I had when I was ten.

Speaking of Ryan Adams, I bought a dvd off Ebay of him Live in Jamaica. Number of minutes into the program before he appears to be high: 6; number of minutes before he admits he's totally freaking high: 8.

I really want to see him in concert; can't believe I missed him the last (and only) time he played in Oklahoma.

Sarah, Nicole and I have tickets to see Coldplay next month. I really like Coldplay's music (I like mopey, British pop in general), but maybe not as much since their lead singer married Gwyneth Paltrow. Some of her movies are alright, but she kinda sounds like an ass. I don't really want to know if a song is about some asinine celebrity. Still looking forward to the concert though. Live music is awesome.

Oh, and I got notice that my last BPAL order (a whopping 7 bottles) is about to ship out, which means their wait time is down to a mere three weeks. A good time to be placing orders :)
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Okay, I downloaded and now can't stop listening to the prom song from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I lose at the internets. While it is a stereotypically cheesy prom song, in my defense I must say it has a pretty melody and I liked Jarvis Cocker before the movie anyway. Random fact: the lead singer of the Weird Sisters once publicly mooned Michael Jackson on a televised British awards show.

Nothing else going on.
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If you play cds on your computer, you may want to check this link out.

Apparently, cds from Sony will install dangerous, Trojan horse-like spyware on your computer without your permission or knowledge. Attempting to uninstall the program can cause damage to your computer.

Another article, from the BBC.

Stupid ass corporations. Their "excuse" for this is to prevent piracy, but now that they've been caught, how many people are now going to turn to downloading rather than shell out money to a company that fucks up their system?

*sigh* Now I have to try and find out if this crap's on my computer. I really hope there's going to be a class action lawsuit over this.
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I found another music sharing program called Limewire. It's been working excellently, so I've been downloading a ton of music. Here's my current playlist:

Willie Nelson - The Rainbow Connection
Aimee Mann - The Scientist (Coldplay cover)
Coldplay - Can't Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue cover)
the Flaming Lips - Can't Get You Out of My Head (yeah, same song)
Coldplay - Clocks (acoustic)
Faye Wong - Dreams (Cranberries cover, in Chinese)
DeVotchka - How It Ends
Rebekah Del Rio - Llorondo (cover of Roy Orbison's "Crying", in Spanish)
Placebo - Running Up that Hill (Kate Bush cover)
William Shatner and Joe Jackson - Common People (Pulp cover)
Nouvelle Vague - In a Manner of Speaking

Yes, I have a thing for downloading cover songs. The Willie Nelson song is beyond expression, that's how awesome it is. It makes me bawl like a five year old. Damn Muppet Movie. Must! stop! listening to sad music.
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Having lived in Oklahoma my whole life, I've despised country music for pretty much the first 26 years of it. I mean, absolutely loathed it, it made my stomach hurt to hear it. This, despite the fact that up till I was about 11, I didn't realize that there were radio stations that played anything but country, easy listening and religious talk radio. (Before that I assumed that if you wanted to listen to rock, you had to go down to the record store and buy it your own damn self. Shut up, I was a really naive kid.) The only country music I could tolerate was Patsy Cline, and she doesn't really count that much because she was considered one of country's first crossover artists. Not to mention that current country music is a pretty far cry from Patsy.

I think the first country album I actually bought was Heartbreaker by Ryan Adams. Considering it begins with an argument about Morrissey albums, I knew from the start that there finally was country music that wouldn't make me want to vomit.

I've been kind of lukewarm about his music since. He's kind of like the male Ani DiFranco, he has such a huge creative output that it's hard to keep up with all his albums and half his songs are really amazing and some of them are kind of lame. "To Be Young (is to be sad, is to be high)" is a great song. "Sylvia Plath", really not so much. (Although how many country singers would do a song about Sylvia Plath to begin with?) Love is Hell, Part 1 is an amazing combination of country and melancholic Brit-pop. Love is Hell, Part 2, kind of meh. (Maybe it just hasn't grown on me yet. Am willing to give it another try.)

Anyway, I bought Cold Roses yesterday and I've been listening to it ever since. It is fucking incredible. It is audial crack. Freaking gorgeous. Prolly one of the best albums I've listened to this year. Which, in my really longwinded way, is the whole point of this post.

Toby Keith still makes me cringe though.
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...because I got completely lost in Tulsa last night trying to find the Brady Theater. And on Sunday night, downtown Tulsa looks like everything went out of business and everyone moved out of town. After getting completely twisted around, I stopped at a Get n Go and the nice clerk gave me directions.

So I got to see Rufus Wainwright and Ben Folds in concert! Yay!

Both did awesome sets. Ben Folds went first and though I wasn't that big a fan to start with, I really want to get more of his albums now. I only have Rockin' the Suburbs, which he did a lot of songs from, so that was cool. Then he did a cover of a Dre Dre song, which left me completely gobsmacked. I don't really listen to rap and I never expected see a nerdy, bespectacled piano player let loose with a non-stop stream of obscenity. It was seriously foul. I downloaded the mp3 as soon as I got home.

And Rufus Wainwright was awesome! He looks so emotional when he sings. *sigh* So much love. He has an amazing voice. I really enjoyed all the songs he did, especially "Memphis Skyline", "Poses", "Vibrate" and a new song called, "Between My Legs" (hee! Been searching for a boot of that one, with no luck so far. But it will be mine!)Most of the boys in the audience seemed to be in a state of swoony rapture; every now and then one of them would shout, "I love you, Rufus!" That was pretty adorable, actually.

Oh, and Ben and Rufus did a duet together of George Michael's "Careless Whispers". And much rejoicing was had.

Exhausted at work today (standing around for hours on tiptoe in a general admission crowd is not so fun), but it was worth it.
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Just got back from the Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson concert in Tulsa with Sarah and Charlotte. Good friends and good music :D The concert was awesome. Dylan did "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" and "All Along the Watchtower" for the encore, which I think was the highlight of the evening. They were such perfect moments. At that moment, it seemed to me that if this country can come up with a musician like Bob Dylan, then it proves we're not entirely fucked up yet.

dead tired now though, which is sure to kick my ass at work tomorrow. Must . . . sleep. . .
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I wanna go to Glastonbury! Someday! *shakes fist in Scarlett O'Hara manner* Just downloaded Coldplay's cover of "Can't Get You Out of My Head." So amazing. And gay! (as they didn't change any of the lyrics. Yay!)

Although if the mud didn't drive me insane, the stench from the loos probably would.


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