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I finally gave up searching and just bought a new battery charger. More of the Ospirit dress.


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Now I've run out of free space on my flickr account, I'll have to pony up for a pro account. Wah, funnelcakes.

Think I'll go out to Hastings in a bit, maybe a book post later tonight.
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Tornado warnings in January? I call shenanigans! It is really quite unseasonably warm and spring-like today, hard to believe that we had that crazy insane ice storm only a few weeks ago.

Had an awesome afternoon hanging out with [ profile] brennye. It's been too long since we got to hang out. We went to see I am Legend in Bricktown. The first part of the movie was great. I think Will Smith is annoying when he's all hyper and hanging out with scientologists, but I have to admit I really like him when he's doing sad puppyface. *creaky voice* I remember back when he was Fresh Prince of Bel Aire..." *rocks in rocking chair* Anyway, I was really enjoying the movie and then I had to pee and when I came back, the movie just...went bad. Worst timed bathroom break ever. The beginning was quite haunting and thoughtful, but then later it was like it had the ending for some other movie just randomly tacked onto it. I found a spoiler on SF for the book's ending and it was like, ah, well, that makes so much more sense. Too bad they didn't stick with that. Must pick up the paperback now.

Anyway, then [ profile] brennye and I had awesome noodles and chicken satay at the Thai Kitchen downtown. Sooo yummy! I can't wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow. ^_^

Since we hadn't seen each other since before X-mas, [ profile] brennye gave me a travel Scrabble game (yays) and I gave her a cross stitched pinkeep. It was much fun playing Scrabble during dinner. And 'foment' is too a word! So nyah :P
dragon dreams pinkeep

And now for utter randomness, a crap that's in my bag meme. Click on the picture to see the notes on it. (Since there's not melted chocolate schmutzed over everything, that's not really a representative look, I have to say. )
what's in my purse
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Ah, at last the Christmas season is over. I hope everyone had a nice time. Mine was quietly spent. My sister came into town to visit, which was nice since I hadn't seen her since last year. I didn't have to work Christmas Eve or Day, thank goodness.

Trying not to let work get me down too much, with varying degrees of failure success. Customers of any stripe are always much bitchier during the holidays. My new-hire probationary period is over though, which makes things a bit easier since now I can take advantage of getting to leave early during slow periods. Yays. Because jebus knows I want to avoid working if at all possible.

Anyway, pics under the cut! One of my Taj Mahal progress and one of Gish )
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some Sebastienne spammage...
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In unrelated news, I took three of my cross stitch pieces up to the fairgrounds this weekend. I submitted The Kiss, the Halloween Fairy (which I will have to take a new picture of in its awesome new frame), and The Bookshelf. No sampler entry, since my car ate my framing funds. The fair opens on Thursday, but I won't get to go until sometime next week. I'm impatient to see how I do and also to eat fried food on sticks.

I haven't worked on the Taj Mahal since June :( Stupid work taking up all my time. It's too big to take with me, but I miss working on it.
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Taking doll pictures always cheers me up. (I wanted to get a picture of the new Drop Rops eyes that I bought from Cassiel on DoA; I really like the gradation of color.) Really, most days I wake up and wish I could stay at home and take doll pictures. Apparently, my life's ambition is to be 5 yrs old.

I saw a bunny at work today. It was sitting in the middle of the patio tonight, just chilling. Awww. Maybe that's a good sign.
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I'm trying to learn more finishing techniques so I can do something with the small cross stitches I have lying around. I found directions for making pinkeeps and made this little art nouveau flower from Cross Stitch Collection magazine. It was very easy to put together and I'm tempted to make a ton more. I'm in the mood to work on small projects, they're much easier to carry around.

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Took advantage of the mild weather yesterday to take some dolly pictures. The trees in the backyard were in bloom, so it seemed like a good idea

Ludivine in the garden
The apple tree had some very pretty blossoms even though it's still a fairly small tree.

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Monday afternoon, I went with Sarah to see Barack Obama at a political rally downtown. It was my first time at such an event, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It was held at the old Farmer's Market.

pictures, goofing around with friends, Napoleon's hat, etc. )
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lolita noir
Dorian listens to British New Wave.

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21 more days of gainful employment. I think after that I'm going to lie in bed for at least a week.
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Gish as Marie Antoinette

Since I am a sucker for costume dramas and pretty, pretty historical clothing, I adored all of the umpty-zillion different outfits in Marie Antoinette. So about a month ago, I commissioned Vitta-Vera to make me a dollfie-sized version of my favorite of Marie's dresses. (If I can't wear 18th century ball gowns myself, then at least I can dress my dolls up in them.) They did such a really gorgeous job on it. I wish my poor camera skills could do it justice, but here's some pictures I took of it today.

More pictures this way )

Now I'm off to watch the movie and finish up some cross stitching.
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creative uses of cropping...

and other dolly pictures )
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Well, it's still the Witching Hour, so I thought I would post these pictures.

A couple of weeks ago, I played hookey went to visit the art museum on the OU campus. They had a display of Mexican carnival masks, most pretty gruesome and creepy. I'm not sure that they're for Dio de los Muertos, but they look as if they ought to be.
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My own Halloween was sadly dull. I stayed at home to pass out candy (not many trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood), drank jasmine tea and watched Boston Legal. I'm going to watch The Wicker Man later, which I haven't seen and know nothing about except that it involves pagans. Hope everyone else is having a spooky holiday. ^^
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strange statuary
Originally uploaded by fierce bunny.
I recently signed up for a Flickr account. It's one of the few websites that (for some reason) isn't blocked by work computer and I enjoy browsing it during slow periods. It's much more user-friendly than Photobucket and it's easier to search for photos.

The bad thing about Flickr is that none of my photos are showing up in public searches. I thought at first that my account was still under the review period, but it's been about three weeks since I signed up. Apparently my account's under NIPSA ("Not In Public Site Areas") status. I've written to them, but it hasn't seemed to change anything. I'm rather discouraged with the idea of paying for a Pro account now.

At any rate, here's a picture I took while visiting the OU campus recently. They've added some very ugly statues to the campus since I went there. The demon horse with glowing red eyes is still there and they also added an overweight sphinx (Next time I'll have to take pictures of those.) This one, I found pretty amusing though. The rest of my photos are under the name "fierce bunny" since Caerbannog was already taken.
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Now that I'm back on a night shift, my natural sleeping cycle is kicking back in and I find it difficult not to stay up till 5 am playing stupid games like Dynomite on Popcap. So I thought I would do something semi-productive and post dolly pictures instead.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Why is Ludivine so sleepy?

more pics under cut )
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Dorian gets a new face-up
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3 pics under cut )
In other non-dolly news, not much else going on.
-organized cross-stitching floss tonight. Exciting! :P
-try to curb spending. Fail :(
-bought Season 2 of The Office :D
-clock on dvd recorder is broken and so cannot be programmed >:X
-found several out-of-print Jean Plaidy books at downtown library :)
-have new work schedule for next month, 2:45 to 11:15pm, with Mondays & Tuesdays off. Thank Jebus I am back on nights :D

Off to eat leftover fondue.
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I don't often take pictures of my Tender Bee-A doll because she came with disturbingly pink eyeliner. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet and try my hand at repainting her. Attempt #1 came out just how I wanted, which I then managed to completely screw up while applying gloss. Very upset. I tried again to recreate it again on Sunday and this is the result.

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more pictures under cut and a big but... )

In other news, have started beading on "The Kiss." Have now remembered how much beading sucks.
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a random picture of jellyfish.
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*taken at the Monterey Aquarium in 2004.

I <3 jellyfish, I could watch them all day. Maybe I need to take another trip to the local aquarium near Tulsa. I should take my walkman and listen to Radiohead's Kid A album for optimal sea-creature watching trippiness.
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dolly pictures under cut )

Spent most of today goofing around taking pictures of various dolls and other things. Will post more pics later.
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So this is what I've been working on, finally finished. Her name is Ludivine.
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more pics under cut )


Jun. 10th, 2006 01:10 am
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Sarah asked me to feed her cats while she was out of town last week and while I was there, I took the opportunity to take pictures of her new kittens.

Behold! All shall love me and despair!
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So, if you're in the OKC area and uh, you'd like a kitty (and you really want a kitty, don't you?), let me know and I'll pass it on to Sarah.


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