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Monday afternoon, I went with Sarah to see Barack Obama at a political rally downtown. It was my first time at such an event, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It was held at the old Farmer's Market.

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Ahh, the past two days have been very gratifying. I'll share a happy Snoopy dance with you.

Unfortunately, my former coworker Hal wasn't successful in his house bid. He only came away with 35% of the vote. However, whilst discussing it with [ profile] mythicalgryphon, she told me that Hal himself knew it was a longshot and he actually did better than expected. It's not bad at all, when you consider than he didn't have that much funding and had no campaign commercials. I didn't spot any of his signs until the actual day of the election. So, getting nearly 65,000 votes is very respectable indeed. I hope we hear more from him in the future when it comes to politics.

The incumbent Democrat governor Brad Henry was re-elected (by 70%) and a Democrat won the lieutenant governor spot as well. w00t! Oklahoma will never be a liberal state, but at least progress is being made ;)

Now I'll go relax with my latest Netflix dvd, Ridicule, and maybe tonight's Lost episode.
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This was a particularly tedious weekend to be spent tethered to a desk. It was just as slow as it always is, but for some reason I felt more antsy than usual. But yay for days off. Anyways...

One of my former coworkers is running for office. Here's his website...
Hal Spake for Congress

Hal's running for the 4th district Congressional seat for Oklahoma. I really hope he does well this Tuesday. He's a really nice, well-informed, liberal Democrat. (Do you know how rare liberals are around here? Most Oklahoman campaign ads center around which candidate loves Jesus the most.) He worked briefly at the call center after he retired from the NSA. I always enjoyed chatting with him; he was stationed for a number of years in the Middle East, so his perspective on current events was quite enlightening.

The whole upcoming election has me anxious. The other day, Holly, who is another coworker, told me gently, "Maybe you shouldn't call Oklahoma voters stupid quite so loudly. You know, since there's a lot of people here, like, in this building, who don't agree with you." (I tend to sound either one of two ways: soft and whispery or loud and inappropriate.) But they are stupid. Look, we generally elect crazy people. Embarrassingly crazy people. They're up there with Rick Santorum crazy. Whenever I hear an Oklahoman politician up on the Hill get mentioned on the national news, I cringe 'cause whatever they've done, it's not going to be good. So yeah, I really hope that Hal wins, because seriously, a sane representative would be nice for a change.

See, I get worked up and tend to rant/babble about this stuff. I think Tuesday I'll go vote and then spend the day with my hands over my eyes. Please to let me know when the ride is over and (hopefully) the bastards are out of office.
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There were things I wanted to say about today (or yesterday, rather), but nothing seems to come out in any useful sort of way.

I remember where I was 5 years ago. I had slept late into the afternoon and when I woke up, my mom told our country was under attack. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around the reality of it until I saw the footage on tv and started to cry. Work called and told me not to come in that day as the mall had closed; I spent the rest of the day watching the news and listening to Bob Dylan. "Blowin' in the Wind", "Masters of War", and "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" over and over.

I'm listening to Wilco right now.

"tall buildings shake
voices escape singing sad sad songs
tuned to chords strung down your cheeks
bitter melodies turning your orbit around"

It still seems strange that ordinary life continues to go on though so much has changed since that day. Slackjawed Baboon gave a speech on tv about remembering 9/11. Yeah, remembering how he just sat there for ten minutes, shitting his pants. One of my coworkers, a big ol' conspiracy theorist, suggested to me today that our government blew up the Trade Center themselves, just to have an excuse to go to war. I think that's pretty over the top, myself. That's right up there with faking the moon landing and Hitler's brain in a scientist's freezer somewhere. Still, the administration did fuck up and they're still fucking up. They're fuck-ups on a grand, universal scale. I just want them to go away, hopefully in a manner that doesn't involve Armaggedon. I want some sign of light on the horizon.

sorry for the rambling :( will try to be more coherent later.
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I went to the Asian market in Del City today (my mom is on the quest for the perfect brand of instant jajangmyun) and I found this on the front page of a Japanese newspaper . . .

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My Japanese classes are long behind me, so I have no idea what it actually says, but I think the general gist is clear.
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and one more thing

Poet Sharon Olds turns down White House invitation

I liked her poetry before, but I totally respect her even more now.
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Cheney told to "go fuck yourself" in Gulfport.

I was honestly surprised to read that because I had actually forgotten that we still have a Vice President. I mean, he came out of his super-secret hidden bunker to survey the damage himself? Get outta here. I was telling my Mom about this because she didn't hear about the cuss out from the network news (of course) and she was like, "Yeah, where's he been?" Then we discussed about how everytime there's a disaster, Cheney has heart palpitations or something that necessitates his disappearing off the face of the earth. And I've said it before, but I still think he looks like the bad guy in a Frank Capra movie.

Anyway, cheers to that guy whoever he was. Someday his grandkids or whatever will get to hear the cool story about how he had balls enough to cuss out the Vice President on live tv. Also, it's funny that Cheney couldn't think of a comeback. Burn!
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Move On's petition for PBS and NPR

The House is apparently trying to cut all funding for PBS and NPR. Most people grew up watching Sesame Street. I got my first introduction to British comedy by watching Fawlty Towers on the local public tv station. And shows like Frontline tackle controversial issues that major network channels wouldn't bother to touch because they're too busy recycling reality-tv shows. At the least, please sign the petition to frustrate the politicians that so richly deserve it.
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More cross stitch pics behind the cut )

Not much else going on. Web blocks still up at work, hence the frantic cross-stitching in order to stave off internet withdrawal symptoms. I found the H2G2 plushies at Suncoast, so now I have a stuffed Zaphod and Marvin. Think I will take some photos of my toy collection, um, 'soon'. ('Soon' being whenever I can bring myself to get up early enough so there's sufficient sunlight to take decent pictures.)


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