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Returned from Sacramento last week and have been too lazy to update since. I had a really nice time. It was good to see my sister again and we had a lot of fun. I am in envy of her pet ferrets, they're so cute and fun to watch. (Plus, they seem to be some of the laziest creatures alive, which would probably be a good quality for being a pet of mine, should I get one.)

Since Jeanette is a minister at a temple in Florin, I went to Buddhist service on the 15th. I was dissapointed that I didn't get to hear her do the sermon because they had a guest speaker for Obon. Anyway, I'm not really familiar with any type of church service(I went to maybe two Baptist services when I was a kid), but it didn't seem terribly dissimilar. There were pews, an organ, people sang hymns (one in English and one in Japanese), etc. The chanting made me sleepy. I fidgeted a lot.

Later that night, the church had Odori dances. There were lots of people wearing yukata (cotton summer kimono) and happi coats. The little kids, in particular, looked really cute all dressed up.

Anyhoo, I will try to update more on my trip once I upload the pictures. Looking back on it, strangely most of my pictures seem to be of food and ferrets. I ate a lot of Asian food. The second day we were there, the church had a food bazaar, so I ate a ton of Japanese food like tempura, teriyaki and chow mein (okay, so that's Chinese. It was still awesome.)

Now that my vacation's over, I still don't quite feel back in synch. It is still disgustingly hot. I hate summer with the passion of a thousand burning suns, all of which one can feel if one steps outside. My new work schedule has just started: 10:45 to 7:15p, with Sundays and Tuesdays off. :P I hate it already. I should go check some jobs websites, but instead I think I'm going to go watch another episode of Dr. Who.


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