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Pushing Daisies is cancelled. I knew it wasn't looking good when they didn't bother to air any promos for this week's episode, but I was still hoping they would give it a chance. Go die in a fire, ABC. Seriously.

Not cheering me up is the news that the producer Bryan Fuller is planning on going back to Heroes on NBC. I really liked the first season of Heroes, the second season wasn't nearly as good but I still sat through it, and the third season was so bad, I gave up after the season premiere. Such crap. Nothing I've heard about the latest episodes are convincing me that I should go back to watching it either. I really like the shows Fuller's done like PD and Wonderfalls (also cancelled after an even shorter run. Stupid networks!) and hope he ends up doing something else besides Heroes. (Like Pushing Daisies on a different network. Or Star Trek. )

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I think I may need to up my Netflix subscription again. I dropped it down to one at a time when I was laid off, but I saw that Rome Season 2 was released this week. (Almost $70 for the box set at Hastings, wah funnelcakes* ;_;) Plus, I haven't finished watching Dr Who season 2 yet either. For some reason, I've had The Holiday at my house for like two weeks. My mom watched it and said it wasn't that great. I think I'm just going to give up and send it back. There's no reason for a Nancy Meyers' movie to still be here when I could ideally be watching the Doctor or hot ancient Romans. Really, all I've done or felt like doing this weekend is watch Batman movies. I watched the first one with Michael Keaton and then I watched Batman Begins again last night. Yeah, Batman never gets old. I think I need some BaleBatman icons, if someone will please point me to some. (I just paid for an account so I could have more icons; weird timing, seeing as there seems to be a same old new kerfuffle going around. This in particular cracked me up, flame retardant shirts for the win. LJ Public Relations, however, continuing fail.)

I'm sure I had a point when I started this post, but it's long forgotten now.

*"Wah funnelcakes" is an old saying my friends and I have, dating back to the time when my friend's baby sister was taken to a Ren Faire and had a horrible time because no one would buy her a funnelcake. Used to denote unbearable sadness at not getting one's way.


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