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National Novel Writing Month. "Make no mistake: You will be writing a lot of crap. And that's a good thing."

Is anybody doing NaNo this year? Or has tried it before? I'm kinda tempted... don't have any ideas though. I'm not getting anywhere with my writing, so it would be good exercise to try crapping out a novel in a month's time. (although possibly aneuryism inducing.)

In completely random news: the 24-hour Walmart in town has a really funky doughnut smell. I'm not sure how you can fuck up the smell of doughnuts, but they've managed it. It used to be a pleasant, baked goods kind of smell, but that was a long time ago. It now smells like a small village of doughnuts caught the pestilence and was wiped out and everyone ran away instead of burying their doughnut dead. Or, if you're into Lovecraft, it smells like primordial doughnut ooze that has morphed into some unnameable horror and lurks somewhere in the bakery, occassionally venturing out to eat a minimum wage employee.

In even more random news: today I found out that the new company running my call center will not be drug testing current employees. Or at least without good reason to. ^_^
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I've been looking over the remains of my defunct website tonight. And for your procrastinating pleasure (you know there's something else you'd better be doing), I've put the writing section back up online. Here There Be Dragons.

There are a lot of (in retrospect) embarrassing things in it: I used the pronoun "i" always in lowercase, was overly enthusiastic about the Star Wars series at the time, etc. But I think I was a bit funnier back then, back before the Evil Call Center Job ate my soul.


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