fiercebunny: (Beatles balloons)
fiercebunny ([personal profile] fiercebunny) wrote2011-05-26 03:31 am

so what's up

I keep meaning to post, but I am so brain dead from work when I get home. The 12 hour shifts are continuing on indefinitely. *infinite sadface D:* It is pretty much all anyone at work talks about, what a pain it is, how long it is going on, etc. I don't have time to do anything else. I've pretty much realized that at this rate, there's no way I'll be able to finish Japanese Garden in time for the fair. And no time to get, much less take care of, a Baby Ferret.

I do have a vacation in two weeks, if I can only manage not going insane by then. I'm planning on going to New York City with my friends Sarah and Nicole. Only for a few days, but I am determined to go there to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met. I want to see it so badly.(We will probably spend at least one whole day at the museum.) Going standby is tricky, but I am crossing my fingers like crazy. My backup plans have backup plans.

Relevant macro is relevant to my interests.

And the brightest part of my week so far: [ profile] aoi_no_neko, in a kind and unbelievably generous offer, sent me a ton of classic records. Lots of Beatle records, lots of Queen, a few David Bowie, among others. SQUEEE. Listened to a bit of the White Album so far and it sounds amazing. Thank you SO much, Julie! :D
Awesome pile of records on historically accurate shag carpeting.

I just want to stay home and listen to records and dance around my living room. Alas, must get some sleep before another 12 hour Shi(f)t tomorrow. *falls down*

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