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So today I went shopping and somehow ended up discussing the economy with the cashier, who rather proudly told me that she wasn't going to vote in the election. I can't understand how this is something to be proud of yourself for. I can understand, kind of, not voting out of laziness,or apathy or cynicism about the process. But this woman was not voting because it was what her religion taught her. It's what she read in the Bible. This was the point where I sort of smiled nervously, grabbed my cart and rolled madly towards the door.

What the fuck kind of sense is this supposed to make? Granted, I've never read the Bible, but I sort of assumed that there wasn't anything in there about passively sitting on your ass and waiting for God to do all the work. Because apparently, without any assistance from us, the voting public, God will put whoever is worthy into office. We don't even have to think about it.

I wish I had tried to argue with her, to at least present a different point of view to her, but I didn't because
a) crazy is something meant to be goggled at on the internets and not engaged with in person.
b) if I were a tired cashier at work, I wouldn't want to be hassled at by customers.
c) it is nigh impossible to argue sense into crazy people.

Anyway, I tell my Mom about this and I'm kinda ranty about it and my Mom actually starts bitching at me for calling this behaviour stupid. "There's nothing wrong with not voting!" Well, yeah, there kinda is. Especially if you think God is going to fix everything because you don't want to deal with it. That particular religious attitude bothers me
much. But I think Mom was just arguing with me for the sake of arguing. This is the same woman who once asked a local restaurant owner why weren't they open on Sundays and when the other lady said it was so they could go to church, Mom said, "So, God puts food on your table?" Even I can't believe she said that. At least I waited till I got out to my car before I ranted on someone's religious beliefs.

Oh well, I've got my Iron Man dvds, so I don't care anymore. I'm going to go watch Robert Downey Jr. blow up stuff now. I'll try to make a possibly less offensive post next time.
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Anyways, today I called work and asked for some pre-shift lowcall since it's always slow on Wednesdays. Apparently, it was so slow that they offered me as much lowcall as I wanted, including the whole day off. I was stupid good and just took a few hours. When I got there at five, they had lowcalled almost everyone else out of there. Somehow I don't think we're going to make it till April.

I went to the bookstore and found the gayest painting of Jesus that I've ever seen.
cut for Gay Jesus picture and general blasphemy )


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